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 Announcement: Heads up.

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Announcement: Heads up. Empty
PostSubject: Announcement: Heads up.   Announcement: Heads up. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 10:29 am

Tom here. Things are going pretty well, and it looks like we're getting most of the old members back and old applications available to us. Just wanted to say keep up the good work, and sit tight; we'll be RPing soon.
As for my progress, I'm in the process of creating a first draft for the SPSystem upgrade. If everyone approves it, you're in for a treat.

Even though we might not RP as a group consistently because of conflicting times, you guys are more than welcomed to RP together and have it all be canon at anytime. Though it's still in the works, you can still get KAN for the creation of side-missions and actually following through.
Special Note on that: When you create a side-mission (these aren't posted on the site anymore, it's up to you to get everyone together and RP it) and log it, you AND your character are the leader of that mission regardless of rank. Any captains then become stand-in officers for whatever goes wrong; though I suggest you make the mission appropriate for who you have with you. (This does not mean you can disrespect your captains. I will personally kick you through your ass if you do so. Not in. Just completely through.)
Please make sure this SL is alright with at least April, Jordan, or myself before announcing the option of a side-SL and seeing if anyone available wants to participate.
things I plan on trying to make/remake are.

Urahara's Shop

Stay tuned, and try to stay active, or at least in communication with eachother.
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Announcement: Heads up. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Announcement: Heads up.   Announcement: Heads up. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 9:13 pm

Tom, I'm glad to hear that announcement! If you'd like, we could also put up a forum for them to advertise their respective side-plots? I wasn't sure if we wanted that available or not, but we can always give it a try!

I have a three day weekend coming up (I do need to do some Christmas shopping, though) this weekend, so I'll be around a little more. Bear with me during my shifts, guys! They like to keep their new nurses busy here at Womack!

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Announcement: Heads up.
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