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Souls Banding Together to Press Onward
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 [b]Announcement:[/b] Karakura Bulletin

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[b]Announcement:[/b] Karakura Bulletin Empty
PostSubject: [b]Announcement:[/b] Karakura Bulletin   [b]Announcement:[/b] Karakura Bulletin Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 3:44 pm

Just wanted to say how proud I am of you guys for starting the session and keeping it going for quite a few hours. Sorry for the flake, but I'll make it up to you all somehow. Lets keep it up and see how many times we can RP this week too. I'm off work Friday and Saturday, so lets make those big days.

Keep your eyes open, sometime tonight or today I'll send out the reciepts for the session. Even if you can't use your money yet; make sure you hold onto your awards for when everything is up-and-running.

Have a good day, and lets start off this new week right!
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[b]Announcement:[/b] Karakura Bulletin
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