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Souls Banding Together to Press Onward
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PostSubject: Kon   Kon Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 5:55 pm

Name/Alias/Nickname: Shane

Age: ( Required) 19

Screen Name: (lowercase please) jrgrasscutter

Time Zone: EST

Role-playing experience: 9 years?

Average amount of time online per day: Plenty

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly): Once >.>

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): This one

What is Hantarou's Bankai ?: idk?

Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: CC

( If CC, please check the roster before applying)

What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow, Vaizard): Mod-Soul

In Character

First Name: Kon

Height: Varies, Normally a stuffed animal 1 foot, Ichigo's body: See Ichigo

Weight: Varies, Normally a stuffed animal almost weightless, Ichigo's body: See Ichigo

Personality (Basic description): To simply put it, Kon is a pervert. He is obsessed with almost every girl that has a B cup or higher. Constantly he will try to come up with ways to get women to cuddle his face into their rack by playing the cute stuffed animal role. He prefers to not be around Yuzu, who likes to dress him up in "cute" outfits and tries to avoid the Urahara shop. Kon gets along with Ichigo though they do tend to argue a lot. When in Ichigo's body he will take advantage of spoiling Ichigo's reputation on his perverted charades. Kon is very fond of Rukia and seems to like her the most.

Physical Appearance: Kon is normally a stuffed lion, though it is possible for him to take the form of any persons boy as long as they take the pill. As a stuffed lion he is not the cutest of stuffed animals. Though he will be dressed up against his will once in a while which improves his look. His body is made of carpet like fabric, with darker brown triangle shaped pieces that act as his hair on top his head. He has little white triangle fingers and toes, three on each hand and foot. A tail long tail with dark brown fur and a white button that acts as his belly button. He also has little beady black eyes and a bear like mouth. In Ichigo's body: See Ichigo

History/ Biography: Kon was created in soul society and was deemed as a defective mod-soul. He was then suppose to have been destroyed, but was somehow was mixed up and put into a pez like dispenser and eventually sold to Rukia. The dispenser was then given to Ichigo for the purpose of separating his soul to become a Shinigami. After the mistake was realized Urahara tried to rectify the situation by going to destroy the defective soul. It was ultimately Ichigo that saved Kons life, after listening to him beg and wish for life. After that the pull was placed into a stuffed lions mouth and thus gave Kon the body he normally occupy s. Shortly after that, Kon wished for the name "Kai," but was shot down as Ichigo chose the name Kon.

Character image: ( if any )

Sample Post:
Kon was not where he was suppose to be, at home in Yuzu's room. Instead he was out on the school campus, Ichigos to be exact. The school day was almost over and out the front doors hundreds of young girls with large breasts would come flooding out the doors. Surely one of those lovely young women would embrace him and cuddle his face into their tender breasts. The plan would all come together soon, flawless execution. All he would have to do is position himself on the ground in the right place and the sweet smells and tender feeling of a womans chest would be his alone. Surely it would not end there, no she would go around to all of her friends and they too would hug and squeeze them into their breasts. The excitement was almost to bare, he could hardly wait. The bell rang and he snapped back into reality. Kon would push himself from the branch he sat upon and fly to the ground with a soft landing. Not a surprise since he was virtually as light as a feather. Then he would stiffen himself out and lie on the ground as the students flooded out of the front door. A tear came to his eye as the joyful site of beautiful, young, large breasted women, charged his way. Closer and closer they drew to him as his anticipation grew. It would only be a matter of time before he would be trampled. TRAMPLED!? AHHHH, GAH, OOMPH he cried out. It was true, not one of them took notice to the adorable stuffed lion the ground. Instead he found himself dirty and torn. Pieces of stuffing hung out as his fantasy was crushed in but a second. His world was to end, until two girls stopped above him. Suddenly a twinkly came to his eye, a perfect view of their panties. Oh what a world he lived in, Japan was truly wonderful, all of the girls wore short skirts! Soon they would pity him and nurse the poor stuffed lion back to new. Until he heard those words.. "Ewww Look at that ugly plush toy!!" ...Ugly... The word echoed through his head as the two girls ran off. His perfect plan had failed, back to the drawing board.
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PostSubject: Re: Kon   Kon Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 6:22 pm

Alright, I call first dibs on setting him on fire. :O
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PostSubject: Re: Kon   Kon Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2007 6:45 pm

Not too bad at all. You have the general concept of Kon's character down, including his often failed fantasies.

Do keep an eye on your sentence structure, though. It could be due to writing too fast, but some of your sentences are fragments and could use some editing. Just slow down and work on the grammar and typographical errors and you'll be fine.

Overall, I give my approval for you to play Kon. Seems Jordan has, too. You already have a username, so don't make another one. I'll update the roster.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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PostSubject: Re: Kon   Kon Icon_minitime

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