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 Takuhara, Yukio

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PostSubject: Takuhara, Yukio   Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:40 am

Out Of Character

Name/Alias/Nickname: Shane

Age: ( Required) 19

Screen Name: (lowercase please) jrgrasscutter

Time Zone: est

Role-playing experience: 9 years

Average amount of time online per day: Plenty

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly): Nope

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): Just this one

What is Hantarou's Bankai ?: I guess he doesn't have one

Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: OC

( If CC, please check the roster before applying)

What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow, Vaizard): Human (Other)

In Character

Family Name: Takuhara

First Name: Yukio

Age: Appears to be 12-13

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 103 lbs

Division [Shinigami]: N/A

Type [Arrancar/Hollow]: N/A

Personality (Basic description):

Yukio is completely over shadowed by the accomplishments of his elder siblings and the bar they have set. He has always looked up to and idolized them, as a result he is very close to them. As a younger child Yukio was always very curious and a hard working student. Fighting was never his forte, since his siblings always protected him. However, this would change after an incident that seemingly changed his view on life. As he grew older he still held a close bond with his siblings, but tried to rely on them less. His fear was utilized as his primary motivation to inspire himself to become stronger.

Yukio to this day is still very confused about the Shinigami and the Hollow. In his mind, the only logical solution is to treat them both as a threat. Though he still trains to become a stronger person and fighter, he will not take any kind of actions to provoke a fight with anyone, no matter how strong or weak they are. In a fight that he does engage in, he has been known to lose control of his emotions and fight uncontrollably. This is likely to only happen against a Shinigami or an incredibly strong hollow. He is working to control that emotion and stopping those outbursts that could cost him his life.

Physical Appearance:

Yukio looks a lot like his older brother Inshu. Above his left eye he has a rather large scar that he acquired long ago. Like most of the family he was also different from the typical Japanese culture as he had long blond hair and hazel eyes to top it off. He has an athletic build and is in great physical shape as most were in his culture. Yukio's clothing style is more of a modern look as he wears the typical uniform of a Japanese student.. His attire consisted of a white colored shirt, which he left untucked and black dress pants, topped off by a black pair of shoes. He wears an orb that hangs around his neck from a necklace that he tucks into his shirt.

History/ Biography:

Yukio has the burden of being born third in a family of talented siblings. His brother was of course the first born and praised for it heavily. Though his brother was incredibly intelligent, he never applied himself to his school work. His sister on the other hand was amazing in her own respects. She excelled in school and had work ethic unlike anything he had ever seen. The two had already seemed perfect, what one seemed to lack, the other made up for. The bar was set very high for him and seemed to only grow as time passed. His parents never expected anything from him, his accomplishments were always over shadowed by those of his elder siblings. He still held a great respect for both of his siblings and looked up to them as role models.

As a younger child Yukio was always protected. He seemingly had his own pair of bodyguards between his sister and brother. They always looked out for him and he was always reliant on that protection. The relationship between them was normal of any other household. Disputes were a normal part of everyday life, but since he was the youngest he lost most of the disputes. His brother often tricked him into doing chores for him, usually through methods of confusing his logic, games that he could not win, or simply making a promise and never keeping it. His sister on the other hand was not as bad, she was by nature a hard worker, but would periodically take advantage of her younger brother. This behavior was considered normal in families of this size.

As he grew older he became aware the he was different from most people. He could see spirits and these monsters that he would find to be known as Hollows. Once in a while he would see these ninja like people with swords that would come to slay the Hollow. He became fascinated with what exactly they were. He shared this secret with only his siblings. It was around this time he had an encounter that would change his life forever. Yukio was out in the woods by himself, a hollow appeared and attacked him. He was fast for his age, but the hollow was quicker. It was soon after that an inexperienced Shinigami had appeared, who was still in training, to take down the hollow. He had turned to see the hollow was about to devour him, when it suddenly stopped. Everything seemed to freeze for as the hollow seemed to know the Shinigami was coming in for an attack. The hollow easily avoided the inexperienced Shinigami and cut Yukio along his eye, by some miracle his eye had not been cut out. After that he remembered nothing, he was eventually found, unconscious and bleeding, in the woods by his father. It was shortly after that he realized that he could not rely on his siblings to always be there to protect him from danger.

After the incident Yukio became determined to become a stronger person. As the rest of the family had done, he took up martial arts and excelled in them. His motivation all came from the one night where he had almost lost his life. The incident had also left his mind fragile. Taking classes were one thing, but actually facing danger in the face was another. He had a fear of both the Hollow and the Shinigami now. He has always had reoccurring nightmares from the horrific event and would be found practicing martial arts, usually in tears and trembling, after having one of these nightmares. In his eyes, the only way he could protect himself was to make sure that he himself became stronger as a person and a fighter.

On his thirteenth birthday his grandfather gave him a necklace with a rumored to be indestructible orb attached to it. Then his grandfather told him of an old legend behind the orb.

"Split from the same entity, the two forces struggle against each other eternally. Sangai, a powerful, fiery being that burned and writhed, fueled with hate and suffering. Souzoubutsu, a calm and collected spirit, sought only peace and rest. This could never be found as her brother endlessly attacked her, collapsing the fabric of her being, but, once unmade by her brother, she would only renew herself. They were deadlocked. Time passed, and, though Sangai was the larger and more powerful force, there were periods where he grew weary and his strength waned. Order would amass during his rest, but he would strike again, shortly, with more than ever before, bringing an era of turmoil until weakened and recuperation was required once more. The cycle would recur perpetually if Souzoubutsu had not grown tired of the suffering. During one of Sangai's trances, her gentle nature was abandoned. Secretly, she forged a weapon of immense power and turned it upon him while his guard was down. Searing sparks were cast off into the heavens with each strike, where their fiery glow scorched into the celestial field. Her assault did not cease until she had cleaved her brother into eight pieces, leaving only a harmless stump. Although separated, the fragments still quarreled and attempted to mend themselves back to their original form, casting off an even fiercer burning hate. Knowing a great sacrifice was needed to prevent this, she formed the remnants of herself and her brother into an orb and fell from the heavens to the earth."

The story captivated his mind. Of course he thought of it to be nothing but a story. However, it gave him something to believe in. Soon after he found himself still training to become stronger and slowly it was happening. One day he found himself in a bind, he was attacked by three hollows at the same time. Though they were weak, he battled all three of them at the same time. He was winning the fight and had kept his head cool, until one of them had struck him from behind. That is when Yukio lost it, at the same time he lost it, a powerful Shinigami had appeared in the area. By the time the Shinigami would arrive it would be to late. Yukio had already destroyed the Hollows, this angered the Shinigami because a mere kid was interfering in the Shinigami's business and this created an unbalance that needed to be fixed. The Shinigami decided the penalty would be eternal sleep. At that point Yukio could do nothing to defend himself and he was placed in a seal. Inside the seal he fell into a coma like sleep and he rested for years waiting for the seal to be broken.

Zanpakutoh [Shinigami, Arrancar] (Include possible shikai to be obtained):

None, but he carries around an orb, attached to a necklace.
The orb has two purposes:
The first Sangai (Havoc) Increases ones fighting ability, speed, senses and rate of growth in power, capped off after a max standard is reached. Also the orb strengthens the ability to manipulate reiatsu and mold it into projectile weapons.

The second Souzoubutsu (Creation) Allows the use of healing methods and stretches the owners life span. Also can create very powerful barriers.

Character image: ( if any )

Sample Post:

Yukio slept peacefully in his imprisoned state for years. He hadn't been disturbed for years until now, a flash seemed to jolt through his body and command him to wake up. Something that seemed so simple as waking up was an inner battle waging inside of him. Apart of him begged to wake up and be released to the living world once again, but another part asked to stay peacefully in his slumber he had enjoyed for all these years. Another flash surged through his body as he finally came to a state of consciousness. For the first time in years, hazel eyes opened and saw a seemingly black abyss fade away slowly. It was like a fantasy world come true and yet terrifying at the same time. This is where he had rested for so many years, it was the exact same spot so many years ago that he was imprisoned. Everything in his mind seemed to click as it was like he hadn't skipped a beat. The abyss was fading away and the last thing he could remember was a Shinigami locking him away. It made him very angry and brought out a rage inside of him. Mixed emotions clashed as he was angry, yet scared at the same time. He thought for sure that he was going to die when the Shinigami had condemned him to this fate, but he wad really alive! Now he could continue on in his life and take revenge on the Shinigami. The seal finally faded as he looked around the surrounding area. Everything was different. Nothing seemed to be the same as it was before. Just how long had he been asleep? He looked up as two figures caught his eye a warm feeling came inside as he saw the faces of his liberators. They saved him again. Onii-san.. Onee-chan..

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PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Yukio   Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:24 am

First: Did Ryan and April aprove of having another sibling?

And second: As this is a Bleach SL, and most combatants and characters in this SL have a weapon in some manner or form; I don't suggest that you fight barehanded. I know you said that your magic orb gives you super speed and strength; but against a SHIKAI, BANKAI, or quincy doesn't sound like healing and running really fast is going to help.
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PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Yukio   Sat Nov 17, 2007 4:03 pm

1. Yes

2. I'll edit something

Currently editing a concept

Edit: Orihime fights with a fairy, heals and runs away >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Yukio   Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:39 pm

Updated and ready for review

Edit: Approved by Tom, via aim, before a session
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PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Yukio   Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:50 pm

So long as Ryan approves of this, I'm willing to go along with it. It could prove interesting. The third sibling does very little fighting at all and provides them with healing powers. Not too bad, though it is a little bit of a rip off of Orihime.

Overall, I'm willing to allow it through as long as everyone else agrees.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Yukio   

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Takuhara, Yukio
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