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 A troubling dilemma.

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PostSubject: A troubling dilemma.   Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:19 pm

[ This was a short little session that was done in response to the knowledge that some players are finding it hard to fit their characters into the current story. It's nothing special but it gets the job done without having to mobilize all of Soul Society. Shame on you, Tom. >_> ]

Kyouraku Shunsui had been lazily lounging in his office while a stack of papers lay unfinished before him. A single bubble from his nose popping at the sudden appearance of a dispatched officer. Head perking up, he'd cock a brow and await the man's words. By the presence of the man it was clear that some sort of message was to be delivered..

-=The hunchback of Sereitei's cane tapped agaisnt the ceramic spirit-particle floor of the meeting office to garner the attention of all those present; his great beard trembling while he spoke. Hopefully he didn't wake anyone for this important meeting.-= "It's come to my attention through Madarame Ikkaku's report that two of the three escaped prisoners have contraband spiritual devices to enhance their abilities." -=Said the crotchety old man. The general, who's withered leather hands fit bony fingers into the grooves if his enormous zanpakuto cane continued.-= "Given the current lack of extra resources, we cannot ensure the prisoners can be returned to the soul society without being ambushed -- so, I ask you captain Kyouraku Shunsui and Soifong. How do you intend to handle this predicament?"

There would be a look of absoulte disgust on Soifon's face as she approached that dreaded office. Not that you could tell, of course, as she usually carried either that generally pissed off look, or similarly the "this is stupid" look...not that there was much difference between the two. " Another report on those renegade humans? " Humans, indeed, that had caused quite enough of a stir eighty years prior when they first were called upon to control them. The plan had been simple enough at first. Let the lower level shinigami handle a few humans, as they had with the Quincy, to restore the safety of the balance of souls. Then the eldest had to really stir things up, making a display of his power. Ultimately, it had resulted in a task force assigned to each individual to bring them under control. The strongest sent to capture the eldest, her own group assigned to take in the middle child, and a group of weaker shinigami to pull in the little brother. Why, then, were they repeating this nonsense? Crossing her arms, she'd keep a few paces back from the ugly fellow, as well as Kyouraku-taichou himself. She knew his mannerisms all too well, especially those involved when the last set of renegade humans caused trouble. " We should kill them this time. " A simple response to a simple question, that tone as sharp and fierce as ever.

"M-Me?" came his sudden reply as Shunsui found the spotlight aimed at both himself and niban-taichou Soifon. He was surprised that he was singled out amonst the gathered taichou within his company but would not shy away from his open opinions. Soifon's words were taken in kind and caused a small, pained look upon those hairy features. "I believe safety of our own units should come first before anymore of them are harmed. While I hardly think all of Seireitei need to be mobiled to answer this threat..." [ >_> ] ".. a shifting guard of select squads might help strengthen defenses against these three trouble-makers." He'd toss a side-long glance to Soifon while he made such remarks knowing full-well her take on the matter would be to demand more extreme measures taken. Shunsui felt more information was needed to truly assess the troublesome trio and their potential for danger. As such, merely sending in a taichou or two in hopes of taking them out in some epic battle might prove not only problematic but harmful to both surroundings and innocent souls. While Shunsui often came off as a joker 99% of the time, his reasoning was one of the reasons he was so valued amongst Seireitei's elite. "With your permission, Yama-jii, I'll have Ise Nanao begin drawing up squads to shift in and out of the living world to keep a patrol these roughians.."

"Permission granted." -= Simply killing them wasn't. To defeat the oldest the limit would probably have to be taken off of one of the captains, and the ends wouldn't justify the means -- as said. -= "However, the traitorous actions of Aizen Sousuke, Kaname Tousen, and Ichimaru Gin have breached the walls of sereitei. Should any word escape of three illegal tools to increase spiritual ability to any of these barbarians; The Soul Society's balance will once more be upset. See to it that these children are vigilantly guarded without causing problems. The Kurosaki boy will prove adequate enough in guarding the city from hollows. Do not assist him unless it compromises your mission to not do so. When the threat to these three have been destroyed, we will confiscate these artifacts and deal with these children accordingly. Is this agreed?"

A bow of his head was all Kyouraku gave to the gathered taichou.

There was that sneer again. It seemed they would be taking the usual route as always, that being the most convoluted one possible. Ah well, it was the usual way to tie the hands of their military forces and still expect results. Still, this was a directy order now being given and she was not one of those to disregard it. It just put her theory of 'destroy the enemy, period' a bit at odds with their new mission. " Hai." She'd give one last glare to the pair before turning to make her leave. Calling back over her shoulder, she'd aim her final opinion at Kyouraku. He appeared to be in charge of assigning the squads now, after all. " I'll have a list of worthy candidates from my division delivered to you. See to it that they're used appropriately. " In essence, they would be turning their own subordinates over to the one chosen to run each squad. She could only hope Kyouraku would also follow the idea of using worthy candidates from other divisions to complete this mission.

Captain Yama' then put itching powder all over the inside of Soifon's panty drawer.
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PostSubject: Re: A troubling dilemma.   Tue Dec 04, 2007 8:19 pm

Somewhere in Sereitei, the 8th division's fukutaichou uttered a small laugh with an accompanying smile.
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PostSubject: Re: A troubling dilemma.   Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:58 pm

Elsewhere, the fukutaichou of division two was suffering the wrath of a very, very irritable taichou. While her subordinates looked on, pretending they were not, at a troublesome sight. The woman just could not seem to sit still.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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PostSubject: Re: A troubling dilemma.   

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A troubling dilemma.
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