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 The Rules

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The Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 4:09 am

Basic Rules and Advice

1. All players will submit an application for each character they wish to play. We expect that this application will be fully complete. If it’s not, it’ll be put on hold until all portions are completed. We’re not accepting laziness. Every single member must have an application on file for every character that they play.
2. There is a limit to three characters per player, only two of which can be original characters. The third must be a custom character.
3. New OCs are not permitted to have shikai or bankai. We expect you put in the effort and time to gain these skills, just as any new shinigami would in Canon. This is to protect the Canon environment, where bankai really is a rarity and shikai is still not common amongst lower ranking shinigami. We’re all adhering to these rules.
4. Drama between players will be expected to be worked out in a mature manner outside of the chatrooms. If you’re finding it difficult to work through a problem with someone, bring it to one of the admins attention and we will assist you as much as we can.
5. Continuous disruptive, rude, or uncooperative behavior will not be tolerated. As with all infractions, the admins will handle it on a case by case basis. If we feel the infraction is severe enough that it requires removal from the SL, a vote will be taken amongst all admins. This is to keep things fair and as objective as possible.
6. Spelling and grammar do count, but the moderators will show mercy for typographical errors and minor things. We want this to be about pretendy fun times, not who is the best English major.
7. Age is required due to the adult nature of some private scenes that may take place. It’s also nice to know the age of the individual so we can consider that when handling you. We’re aware that some adolescents are more mature than some adults, but they’re still at a different developmental level. Knowing yours will help us keep things fair.
8. Keep your backgrounds and physical appearances (including height and weight) within fairly realistic boundaries. Glance over the statistics of the characters in the series to get an idea of this. Along with this, consider the culture you are dealing with. This show is based in Japan, so you should monitor the cultural norms to an extent (especially if choosing to play a human). Ichigo, for example, has a different color of hair and is harassed for it.
9. Please research the aspects used for your character. You want your character to have a mental illness? Research the actual symptoms and basic pathophysiology so you can play it properly. This applies to careers and other aspects, as well. With this, please remember that not everyone who had a rough past is constantly whining and suffering over it. Rukia and Renji are good examples. While having the past affect your character in a significant way isn’t a bad thing, constantly being melodramatic and angsty will not endear them to anyone (IC or OOC).
10. Bear in mind that all human beings (and souls) have both strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you include both. Please, don’t present us with some supercharged OC that can somehow destroy everyone. This is not acceptable.
11. Rp will be spontaneous. We all are working with different schedules and some are busier than others. Due to this, it may not be possible to have every single person online at once and able to participate in a scene run that day/night. We do understand that people join Sls to Rp, so we encourage everyone to take the initiative and start a small group Rping when they can. In these events, feel free to create your own side plots and submit the logs to your admins afterwards.
12. While we understand that everyone gets busy, inactivity will not be tolerated. Bear in mind that inactivity is being defined as a prolonged period of absence without notice. If you give us notice, we can make allowances for you. Disappearing randomly creates gaps when it comes to characters and this is not fair to the other players and those who may wish to play the character you have.
13. The forum is our means of communication. It is a basic requirement that you check it at least once daily. No, this is not too much to ask, as it only takes a few moments. Really, if I was able to do this during Officer Basic Training, you can do this.
14. Whining is not something we desire to tolerate. While venting is one thing, continuously harping on something (I.e. - “No one is Rping!!!” “There is no RP!!” “I WANT TO RP”) is not acceptable. If you feel there is a problem, please bring it to our attention. Do not, however, simply harp on something if you don’t have a possible solution to submit to us. We know there are always flaws, but without your input on a solution, what are we supposed to do about it?
15. We want this to be as much of a democracy as possible, but we ask that you respect those put in the leadership positions. They’re not here to make your lives miserable or your scenes suck. They’re here to help and expect that you’ll show them some respect.
16. Make yourself familiar with some of the common Japanese terms used throughout the series. You should know what “shikai,” “bankai,” “zanpakutoh,” and “shinigami” mean. Other terms will very likely be used during Rp, as well as some Japanese phrases. This is just a preference of some players. If you don’t understand something, ask.
17. Please remember the IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character) line. We are not our characters. Our characters are not us. If someone’s character yells at yours IC, that does not mean they are yelling at YOU, the player. Along with this, you’ll also need to remember that IC actions have IC consequences. You had your character disrespect a superior officer? That character will have to accept the consequences of such an action, no matter how severe.
- Side note on this: Please be aware of the social structure of the grouping you’re applying for. The shinigami have a bit of a militaristic structure, so you should pay attention to this. How strictly it is enforced will vary based on the division and rank. The arrancar have a different system, etc. This will be essential for your character to survive.

Notes: It's important that you read and understand these rules. I've bolded some important points and have bolded the numbers of rules that specifically apply to the application.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR CHARACTERS THAT YOU NEVER INTEND TO RP. On that note, please do not apply at all if you don't intend to Rp at all. Seriously, what's the point?

I will personally be reviewing the applications. Until I give you an approval, your potential membership status is on hold. Do not register with the forum until I have approved your application. At that time, you will register using the name of your character as your username. This will keep things clean and clear on the forum.
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The Rules
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