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PostSubject: Kage Ryuu App   Kage Ryuu App Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 5:46 pm


First name:Mike

Age: 18 Years of age.

Sex: Male

Role playing experience: A good many years.

How much are you familierized with Bleach?: I read all the manga up to 305.

What is your Time zone?: EST

What times are you available on the internet?: Night mostly, day sometimes. I have work also.

Have you ever been in another Bleach SL guild/group ?: No.

What is your AOL or AIM screename?: UitimatSephiroth

Will you be applying as a Canon charecter or an Original Charecter?:Original, Vaizard

What are your veiws on the Bleach manga or anime?: I perfer the manga over the anime, for most of the story line and issues. But id rather see the anime for the fights

What changes would you like to see for the Manga?: Personally, Id like to see Ichigo in a position where he had to choose between rukia, and Orihima.

Why do you wish to join us?: I haven't seen alot of SLs that allow people to be original characters.

Charecter information

Full Name: (first and last) Kage Ryuu

Age: Appears 18

Sex: Male

Location: Kankuro Town

Race: Vaizard

Height: 6'0''

weight: 190lbs

Physical appearance: Kage is often found resting, or trying to rest. He usually wears his traditional black garments, but will occasionally wear clothes from this world. He uses his obi as a blanket most of the time.

Personality traits: Kage Ryuu, is what people would call the anit-hero. One that dose not wish to be center of attention, not wanting to be apart of the main characters story, and only helping when needed. He is not good or bad, just inbetween.

Techniques: Sin, the moon. Bringing of Darkness and Light. Normally, found as one sword, able to produce either a black wave of destruction called Dragons Roar. Or a white barrier to protect called the Dragons heart. Once in Shikai form the blade seperates into individual blades, able to produce stronger attacks, and a stronger defense.

Biography: Kage Ryuu, the Shadow Dragon. He dose not remember his life before coming to the human world, nor dose he remember the Soul Society, any members, or terms. What he dose know is that he is unnatural from these humans, his sword speaks, but he cannot understand it. Darkness, plagues his mind, and these powers are unnatural. He just walks the streets now, looking at the dead, and the living. Feeling as if he is looking into a mirror, and sometimes the dead attacks.

Zanpaktou's name: Sin.

(in street attire.)

RP Sample: ::Horns blare, and honk, the repeatition off as eachs owner had a different temper. The marching of foot steps on the cement, men, women, and children, stomping through the shops. Their loud mouths, yelling and shouting through that of cell phones. The noises, the people...he was not use to it. Standing on that of a towering building, he could hear it all. Hands clasped to the sides of his head, palms over the ears. The lids of his eyes, clenched tightly together, as his body danced ontop of the roof. He couldn't stand these noises...they where unlike anything he heard. His body swerved and danced, he seemed to wear that of a normal shinigami. The black, and hakama, followed by a black sash across his waist, and a black obi strangely. His knees buckled suddenly, as the body crashed to the floor::What are these noises!?::he exclaimed, as further questions entered his mind. "Where am I?" "Who am I?"::the sheath that lay against his back held the sleeping sword::
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PostSubject: Re: Kage Ryuu App   Kage Ryuu App Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 6:48 pm

This isn't the application that was created for this SL. I'm going to ask that you go back, copy and paste the application, and then fill that in completely.

Also, when I asked for the character's appearance, I want their appearance. This means what they look like, not where they 'normally can be found.' This would include hair color, eye color, general body type, and even clothing worn. Just an FYI here, the obi is the "sash" that the shinigami wear around their kimono shirt and hakama uniform. It's usually what they use to secure their zanpakutoh. If you want to use Japanese terms, please ensure that you've researched them and know what they mean.

The personality is where you describe what kind of person/arrancar/shinigami/whatever your character is. This will give us an idea of just how our characters may interact with him/her and what type of behavior to expect. You can look at other applications to see howt his has been pulled off.

The History/Biography is where you tell me the background of your character. Where he/she has came from, what drives their motivation, and other such things. For a Vaizard, this is where you would discuss their experience with the shinigami and how it affects their feelings towards them. It's where you'll describe their past. This is important.

The Zanpakutoh is where you tell me about your character's weapon. I need to know details so I can see how this will fit into our SL and to ensure that there are enough limitations in place so that it is not abused. Just for an FYI, if your character cannot communicate with their Zanpakutoh, then they would be unable to release it into it's initial form (shikai). This is demonstrated through Zaraki. You're going to have to keep with th canon rules for this.

Other than that, I'm going to ask that you watch your spelling, grammar, and sentence construction. Your sample post was very difficult to read due to these issues. Go through the rules and look at the advice for applications. I want to see OCs in this SL, but I'm not willing to take those that are not thought out. I want you to redo the application, using the template that we provide, and resubmit something with more substance to it. The ideas aren't all that bad, although your zanpakutoh is very close to an OC that we already have in play.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Kage Ryuu App
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