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 Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.

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Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Empty
PostSubject: Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.   Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2008 11:28 am

Out Of Character

Name/Alias/Nickname: Ryan

Age: ( Required) 21

Screen Name: (lowercase please) mind the hat

Time Zone: [/b] EST

Role-playing experience: Been role-playing for too damned long.

Average amount of time online per day: Dropped lately due to person reasons. Hoping to pick back up again. Usually at least two-three hours a day.

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly): Nope. Never. >_>

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): There was this one named Kokuri Hirakmeku Requim or something like that. Ever heard of it? I've been in others in the past on messages boards and what not.

What is Hantarou's Bankai ?: Hanatarou starts off by screaming Kai Ban! because he's so retarded he reverses the order. The result creates an amazingly powerful bankai, however. For starters he grows a penis and gains a personality as well as some importance to plot. His bankai is known as Akan Hisagomaru (useless gourd) and it takes the form of a giant needle to be wielded with two hands. The end is used to puncture an opponent while the other side is used to pump a special liquid into them (it's actually just water). The result causes the enemy minor discomfort and a desire to drink juice and eat cookies. Perfect for distracting those oh so powerful Espada-level arrancar. Hanatarou has only ever shown this bankai once as he's afraid he'll be moved out of the Fourth Division and into a higher rank if others knew of it and he prefers to be a nobody character in the near useless Fourth Division.

Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: CC.

( If CC, please check the roster before applying)

What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow, Vaizard): Shinigami/Other (He's a shinigami who does not inhabit a gigai but is somehow able to be seen by normal humans - moreso he cannot enter within the senkaimon, a passage only a spirit or a being of spirit particles can enter. He's the only known shinigami with this irregularity)

In Character

Family Name: Urahara

First Name: Kisuke

Age: Unknown. Kisuke outdates most of the characters in the series. In the Kubo-written story of Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, Kisuke is present as a shinigami taichou while a character like Aizen Sousuke is a fresh fukutaichou to the Fifth Division. He is well known through-out Seireitei among more important officers and was the founder and former president of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Many characters, such as Hitsugaya, have only ever heard of him by name and in passing and have never actually seen or met him (until recently in the series). While not as old as Genryuusai, he could very easily have been a classmate of Kyouraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jushirou, the first two to graduate from the Shinigami Academy and receive the rank of taichou. He was said to have been exiled to the living world at least over a hundred years prior to the start of the series.

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 185 lbs.

Division [Shinigami]: Former 12th Division / None

Type [Arrancar/Hollow]: ------

Personality (Basic description): The term enigma is often applied to the personage of Urahara Kisuke. As the series began he is often seen lurking in the shadows and working behind the scenes. It would not be hard to imagine that the fated meeting of Kuchiki Rukia and Kurosaki Ichigo was not somehow either planned or anticipated by Kisuke, as he had prior knowledge of his father Isshin. Most of the time found in his humble candy shop (which doubles as a front for shinigami and other worldly items) he seems like an easy man to figure out on the surface. He enjoys good company and a good laugh, sometimes going completely out of his way just to get one. His humor can be a little black at times and often tens to irritate the hero.

What lies beneath that joking persona is an entirely different man all together. The man who was once the taichou of the Twelveth Division and a famed man in all of Seireitei. He can be harsh, forceful, and downright cruel in this sense. If the means justify the ends he would not hesitate the pursue them - even if it means putting others in harms way and taking huge risks. He has no qualms about possibly killing Ichigo during his training, for example. His treatment of Orihime when she sought him out for advice in growing stronger is also another sign of this. Furthermore, Kisuke seems to be a very intelligent manipulator. It was through his actions that Orihime and Sado were even introduced to the world of shinigami. It was also his actions that lead to Ichigo's plight against the members of the Gotei 13, using Rukia unknowingly against her will. Once again, if the ends justify the means...

This calm, cruel, intense man coated with sugary smiles and laughs is a driving force behind the shadows of the Bleach world. It's often times hard to understand what goes on within the mind under the hat.

Physical Appearance: Kisuke is a tall, handsome fellow whose a little lanky but carries himself well. Usually dressed in an attire befitting traditional japanese (uncommon considering he lives in the real world), his sense of dress has become something of a trademark most importantly his striped bucket hat and wooden geta sandals (earning him the nickname of getaboushi-san from the strawberry). Urahara's hair is a sandy blonde and is usually kept long and unkept beneath his hat. Its length extends from beneath to all sides and the back and sometimes across his face. An unsettling fact of him is that you can never truly see his eyes due to the shadow cast by his hat. It makes it hard to tell what the man is thinking or feeling. Green seems to be his color of choice for clothing as his slacks and gi are often of this hue. Over that he wears his typical black obi with white dimonds along the rim. Comfort over show is the obvious result of his appearance.

History/ Biography: Not much is known about the actual origin of Kisuke in his younger years. Whether he was born in Soul Society or born a human who passed over through konso is never revealed (much like most of the shinigami of Bleach). It is apparent that his age is very old, evident in his knowledge of Kurosaki Isshin - a former taichou that many of the Gotei 13 of present seem to be unaware of. I can only be assumed that Kisuke had gone through the Shinigami Academy and joined the ranks of the Gotei 13 a long time ago. No doubt due to his cunning intellect and assessment skills in battle he soon reached the rank of taichou. Using his own creations, he advanced his own skills further such as his mastery of his bankai within only four days (it took normal shinigami nearly a hundred years to even attempt it). In his time in Seireitei he built - along with century-long friend Shihouin Yoruichi - a massive training ground hidden away near Soukyouku and established the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Many of the unique creations of Soul Society no doubt stem from his research in some form or another.

Kisuke's position was eventually forfeited at some point prior to the start of the series when he, in his own words, "didn't follow with Soul Society's ideas" and as such was exhiled from their company to forever remain in the living world. It's not entirely clear whether this exhile was his punishment or whether he fled from Soul Society to avoid harsher penance like execution. All that is evident is his lack of ability to return to the world he had come to know for so long a time. He was not alone, however, as he was accompanied in his retreat with his friend Yoruichi and (assumably) fukutaichou, Tessai.

His presence in the living world eventually found him dropping off of Soul Society's radar. Whether he had settled in Karakura immediately or found residence there after a few decades of aimlessly traveling the living world isn't clear. The fact that "the key of kings" that Aizen desires is said to appear in this location seems to speak for his reasoning for opening shop in the neighborhood (meaning, he may well have known of Aizen's trickery back when he was exhiled). The coincidence of Isshin and Ishida Ryuuken (the Last Quincy) present in this city also cannot go overlooked.

The Urahara Shoten, where he since and now resides, is a small establishment that sells candy and sweets to normal people and spiritual items to those of interest. It appears that his dealings become more widely known and place him back upon Soul Society's scope as at the series start Rukia is already well aquainted with him. If Soul Society knew of his presence, however, isn't clear. He might have merely made himself known to a handful of customers. Ever since his appearance in the life of Kurosaki Ichigo, Kisuke has further watched events unfold from behind the scenes and given the boy a sharp push in the right directions. His motives are never quite clear but hee almost always seems to have a plan or course of action and somehow always seems to be in the know.

He continues to support Ichigo (NOT Soul Society) and his band of friends in their struggle against Aizen, always ready to lend a hand or piece of advice when the time is needed. His shop has slowly become a bit of a headquarters for the Karakura crew. It is here that they usually put their heads together when things go rough and are in need of assistance. Urahara remains firm in his standing against Aizen and support for Ichigo - for now. With him, one can never truly know where he stands and what his actions are meant for.

Zanpakutoh [Shinigami, Arrancar] (Include possible shikai to be obtained): Benihime. Usually kept sealed in the form of a cane (showing true mastery of his zanpakutou spirit by being able to alter its form) it is brought into its shikai with the command "Okiro, Benihime" (Awaken, Crimson Princess) in which the cane disappears to reveal a long-bladed katana with a cut end and flat width. The hilt is curved slightly and lined with slight decore. In this state, Benihime seems to be able to channel directly Kisuke's spiritual energy for offensive and defensive purposes. With the command of "Nake, (Sing) Benihime", he can release a concentrated burst of red spiritual energy released from the blade's sharp edge. Its power, direction, and movement can all be controlled for desired attacking precision. Whether as simple as cutting a tendon of an Espada's release to leveling half a mountain against Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou, its power is limited to the amount of energy Kisuke desires.

Using the same command cry, Kisuke can turn that same energy into a defensive shield thats strength also varies. It was barely able to stop a close-range unmastered Getsuga Tenshou from Ichigo at one point and stop the incredible crushing power of an Espada's killing blow at another. Once again the shield's strength seems dependant upon Kisuke's desire and output. This versitility gives him control of a conflict which is only heightened by his keen sense of logic and genius in battle.

Of note is his zanpakutou's abilities requirements. A small bit of blood is used each time he uses his commands, giving hue to the techniques as well as drawing on the zanpakutou's name, Benihime. Its unknown how this plays much of a part if any in his moves or just how much is needed for them. No other zanpakutou is known to require a sacrafice on the part of the user. Likewise, no other zanpakutou is known to be a female type either. With his skill at experiments and creations it's unknown what Kisuke might have done to his zanpakutou.

While unknown at this point, Kisuke - like all taichou short of Kenpachi - possesses a bankai. Its only said to have been "unable to help someone or train them to grow stronger", leading many to believe it's a one-shot all or nothing manuever that would most likely kill if not fatally wound whoever it is used upon. However it could be just as useless as Hanatarou's shikai. Only Kubo knows the real answer.

Character image: ( if any )
Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Kisuke_urahara
Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Urahara%20Shi%20Kai

Sample Post:

"Phew, that was a close one," commented the jovial shopkeeper as he watched another of those crescent-shaped blasts of energy soar through the air and strike a stone facing behind him. The rumble from its collapse echoed in the air and stirred up a cloud of debris which billowed over his form and blew about that black obi. Left hand clutched at that signature striped hat to keep it from being blow away while right clutched tighter on the hilt of that weapon until those knuckles of his were white. "Now that you can fire that move of yours as often as you'd like, you'll need to be able to aim it better if you wish to stand a chance against a fukutaichou or higher," he said. Slowly stepping forward on those thick sandals he slowly bent at his knees before pushing forward toward his foe - in this intended case, the Kurosaki boy. Drawing arm back he struck outward as he neared him and felt the familiar impact as steel met steel. Ichigo could seem to barely hold his footing from the assault. Had Kisuke placed a bit more power into the blow he might have uprooted the teenager. Smirking for a brief instant he brought his left foot upward and caught him in the chest with a solid thud before spinning and lashing out again with Benihime. The speed at which Ichigo recovered still amazed Kisuke. No formal sword training and yet he takes to it at such a pace. No style, no finese, no structure to speak of for his actions. Just wild strikes and counters. This boy was a born fighter... His assessment of Ichigo lasted only a moment before he was on the offensive again. "Come on, Kurosaki-san, you want to save Rukia don't you? You've still got another day to go and you're not quite at the level I want you at. Don't hold anything back if you truly wish to save her. Come at me with the intent to kill. Because I've suddenly decided to stop playing around. I will kill you if you don't stop me." Chilling words pushed over icy lips. While one might not think it, Kisuke was entirely serious in what he said. If Ichigo was not strong enough to stop him, he could not save Rukia and it would be moot either way. He'd explain to Isshin later the circumstances. The man might never understand, but it's the least he could do for killing his only son. "Lets go.."
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Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.   Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2008 3:02 pm

Because I don't see honest and handsome in the same title ever happening, I'm going to have to refuse this. :l Thumbs down.
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Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.   Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2008 3:20 pm

Don't be so mean, Jordan. <_<; Where is your applications, anyway?

I'm going to have to whole-heartedly applaud this one. It's good to see a very well done application. I'm tempted to take this one and put it up as an example, too. ^^ You've got my approval.

Er...also...we kinda...NPCed Kyouraku a little last night... Jordan said she'd take full responsibility.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.   Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman. Icon_minitime

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Urahara Kisuke - an honest, handsome, perverse businessman.
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