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 08-13 January 2008

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PostSubject: 08-13 January 2008   08-13 January 2008 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 3:07 am

Event rejection: There are times in a day when everyone ought to sit down
and enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. This was one of those times. Ever since the
fox has made his appearance, complete with sharp objects aimed at her neck,
Event rejection: she'd been a little on edge. And why not? If it hadn't been
for that distracting toss of jewelry, she might have lost her head!
Literally! This was something you can't really compensate for, since they
don't have prosthetic skulls.
Event rejection: So, at the moment, she was quietly tending to the boiling
water on the stove, paying unusually close attention. She needed SOMETHING to
focus on, after all. The events that had occurred after the fight were a mere
Event rejection: His brother had actually treated them to breakfast, despite
the loss of his ring. It was as if it didn't matter. And while she didn't
fully understand it's importance, it certainly had to have a large bit of
power considering
Event rejection: it attracted a rogue shinigami. She was slightly frustrated
over not understanding the matter, but continued to focus on what she was
doing. After all, there was a guest waiting for his cup.

kurosaki clinic: -= It wasn't particularly the tea-time that had prompted
the visit. It wasn't scheduled, or planned -- but once Ichigo had his mind on
something, he seemed to always see it through until the end. He wasn't
especially worried for Ino
kurosaki clinic: ue home alone with some punk-kid -- even if he didn't
really like said punk kid, but even as a temporary answer thought up on the
spot; it wasn't his best or most poor idea. Since Kurosaki himself had forced
it on Inoue to take the
kurosaki clinic: young man into her home and keep him out of trouble, it was
only right that he stop by completely unannounced to make sure that she was
alright with the living arrangements that had been thrown into her lap.
Awkwardly the replacemen
kurosaki clinic: t shinigami stood -- thinking of something to say that
might excuse the rudness of an uninited guest appearance; though all that
came was a deeper, troubled scowl and a comb through the back of his bright
orange hair. Were it not so
kurosaki clinic: stupid, and wouldn't completely ruin the image he spent so
much time building; he might have practiced outloud...except...even
practicing the right thing to say didn't seem quite right; so he stood facing
her closed door with little
kurosaki clinic: headway on the matter. At this rate, it could be night
before he even managed to knock on the door...and he'd hate for Inoue to get
the wrong idea for his visit. Kurosaki quickly thought in his defense: I
can't have her thinking Im
kurosaki clinic: that kinda' guy... so maybe it was better to knock now,
kurosaki clinic: invited*

TranquiI ReaIity: A little mad was an understatement. Just how come his
brother hadn't helped him in the fight back there? Yukio had actually been
oblivious to the entire ring getting crushed ordeal. Even if it was probably
a fake meant for Yukio
TranquiI ReaIity: to flip over and cause him to have a heart attack, but
thank god he hadn't noticed it. He actually had a choice now of either
staying with Inoue or in his elder brothers apartment. The choice he made
was abvious wasn't it? Could
TranquiI ReaIity: you blame him for being a little angry that his brother
didn't step in when Gin had attacked? Eyes scanned the room endlessly before
he finally stood up and walked to the kitchen. Inoue had said something
about offering to make
TranquiI ReaIity: tea. Upon entering Yukio headed straight over beside
Inoue and looked up at her blinking. It was then that he had felt that oh so
familiar reiatsu. The look in his eyes would turn a bit bitter as he
realized himself who was in
TranquiI ReaIity: the area. ...Kurosaki is here. This came out in a low
tone, he wasn't exactly the best of friends with the guy. If he wasn't so
hot headed maybe things could have been different. Yukios gaze remained
fixed on Inoue as he waited
TranquiI ReaIity: for her to act.

Event rejection: To be honest, she ought to have noticed the same time the
boy had, if not sooner, but what with her being so distracted with thoughts,
it wasn't surprising that it didn't happen. (And anyway; Kurosaki's reiatsu
should be
Event rejection: MASKED by now, shouldn't it? It seemed he still had alot of
work to do restraining his power...) The voice of Yukio was distant at first,
then repeated in her memory, lulling her out of that temporary state of
Event rejection: Slowly, the girl's head turned toward his direction, with
an uncharacteristic look of being lost, then seemed to perk as the remark
filtered. "O-oh.." Instead of adding on, she left the kettle to heat and
headed for the door,
Event rejection: no doubt pulling it open unceremoniously before he could
even rap his knuckles. Odd...that scowl was in place, as usual, but seemed
...heavier today, if that were at all possible. She blinked, saying nothing
for a moment, then
Event rejection: produced a smile out of no where, and backed up, taking the
door with in order for him to enter her home. "..Hello, Kurosaki-kun. I'm
just making tea. Would you like to join us?" The last few words were spoken
Event rejection: as her head turned toward the first frowning young man. Oh,
right...they still weren't getting along...well, they'd just have to spend
more time together, then.

kurosaki clinic: [ >_> what kind of logic is that... ]
Event rejection: [ <_< Inoue logic. ]

kurosaki clinic: -=Kurosaki's head tilted backward absent mindedly, his
fingers went loose and limp in his pockets while he got lost inside of a
memory. Come to think of it, Ichigo remembered, he had been here before...his
tan eyes fixed upon the wi
kurosaki clinic: ndow that belonged to her bedroom. As a matter of fact, he
had been thrown from that window too....though when he had been brought back
to earth; surprisingly, it wasn't when she had opened the door he couldn't
muster the ability to
kurosaki clinic: knock on. It was when Ichigo had turned to forget deciding
to come, only to be betrayed by his obnoxious spiritual signature spilling
out. She had caught him with his back turned and ready to take the first step
away, but Ichigo spu
kurosaki clinic: n -- as if surprised to see Inoue at her own house.-=
"Inoue..." -=He mumbled first, he raised his eyebrows for a second; but it
lowered into the heavy feeling she recognized without him realizing it. He
fished for some comfort in h
kurosaki clinic: is pockets with both hands. He wasn't sure why it was so
different. He had been to Inoue's place before to save her, and they were
good friends...his head bowed, and she unexpectedly invited him inside
without a twitch of annoyance
kurosaki clinic: for the unexpected visit. -= "Yeah..." -=He said shortly,
and put the space she offered to use when he entered her home. -= "I was
comin' to see if you..." -=He hadn't thought of what to say past that part.
Now, wording it seemed aw
kurosaki clinic: kward, and foreign. This part was a little harder to say.
Would it come off the wrong way? -= "Wanted t' hang out, or something."

TranquiI ReaIity: The frown turned to puzzlement. Inoue seemed to be acting
quiet strange. Not that she normally wasn't strange, but she seemed out of
it. Maybe she was getting sick? Yukios gaze remained fix on her as she
walked passed him and
TranquiI ReaIity: towards the door. He of course followed suit. He stopped
at a distance she opened the door. That frown of her had turned into an
instant smile and she seemed cheerful. It was like flipping a switch. That
face of his turned into
TranquiI ReaIity: one of puzzlement and confusion. Just how did she do that
anyway? How come she didn't flip that switch when he came into the kitchen?
Maybe she was use to living with him or something. The boy would remain
quiet was Kurosaki was
TranquiI ReaIity: led into the house by Inoue. Eyes remained locked on the
two as they shifted about. That fave of his would turn from a confused look
to a cold look towards Kurosaki. Maybe over time he would learn to cope with
his exsistance, but
TranquiI ReaIity: now he would still hold the grudge. At the very least
Yukio would be respectful enough to not start any kind of a fight inside of
Inoues house. The only thing was it was just a bit hard to keep that cold
look off of his face.

Event rejection: Strange? No. Different. Unique. Special. Let's call it
that. As for Ichigo's poor attempt at the suggestion to 'hang out', she
seemed unphased, and continued waiting for him to enter, smile still
plastered, though it had
Event rejection: become more real as the seconds ticked by. Though, she
still wasn't sure why he'd looked so shocked when she was only answering her
door. Not that she'd remark on it. There were more trvial things floating
around that
Event rejection: supposedly empty head of hers. Apparently, she also felt
that Yukio could also partake in this session of a get together, and motioned
strawberry to enter. The weather outside was starting to match her thoughts
Event rejection: as the skies were becoming a clouded grey, threatening
rain. Yes, as I was saying before, a perfect day for indoor tea. Something to
curb their minds from what had happened. Or, Inoue and Yukio, anyway. Or,
Event rejection: it would be discussed in further detail. Whatever the case,
she would be obliged to atleast do something. Before Kurosaki could make up
an excuse to backtrack and go, the shrill whistle of steam escaping
Event rejection: sounded in the air from the kitchen. Eyes widened, and she
left them briefly to tend to this. "Ah..excuse me!"

kurosaki clinic: -= Ichigo was perhaps so fixated on the idea of what to say
and how to act when he had gotten here that he didn't notice how poor the
weather was today. He didn't really want to hang out with Yukio as well, but
it wasn't as if he co
kurosaki clinic: uld get out of it now. Then...she left, unwittingly making
an awkward situation even worse. To be left alone with someone that refused
to get along with him; and likewise Ichigo didn't care much for personality
wise...was asking for
kurosaki clinic: trouble. Ichigo tried not to show visible or vocal
discomfort around him when he had spoken to him -- even if it was a little
rougher than the question suggested.-= "Seems like Inoue's been treatin' you
well, right?" -=Of course sh
kurosaki clinic: ew as. He hadn't ever known her to be ...well, mean to
anyone or about anything. -= "'Cept I haven't seen your family around
recently. Guess they don't need anywhere to stay..."

TranquiI ReaIity: Awkward... Yukio blinked as he watched Inoue hurry off to
the kitchen to tend to the screaming kettle. It was a rather annoying noise
and tended to hurt his ears a bit. Upon seeing her disappear into the
kitchen his eyes
TranquiI ReaIity: instantly returned to Kurosaki. Hai. A nod was given
along the the answer, before long he brought up his brother and sister as
well. It was true they did not need anywhere to stay. Inshu has become a
amateur boxer. Another nod
TranquiI ReaIity: was given to confirm that they did not need anywhere to
stay anymore. The question would more than likely be, why was he still here?
Yukio stayed silent as he stared at Kurosaki for a bit longer, if the
situation was not already
TranquiI ReaIity: awkward enough it would become even more awkward. Yukio
would begin to walk away before stopping and turning his head to look at
Ichigo. I saw your sister the other day... .....She is cute. Oh how awkward
this was now, especially
TranquiI ReaIity: now with the situation already being so awkward and all.
After a brief momment, he disappeared into the kitchen. So Yukio was a guy

event rejection: Note to Yukio: Insert foot in mouth immediately. The water
immediately piped down as soon as she lifted it from the stove, making the
necessary additions for now three cups of tea. It seemed Kurosaki would get
some whether he wants
event rejection: it or not. Having been in the kitchen, and amid her own
thoughts, Inoue had been oblivious to the small talk that was exhanged
between the two. She'd already been informed of his sibling's apartment, and
had silently wondered why
event rejection: he was choosing to stay with her besides. ..Perhaps it was
not her place to know. Then again, he WAS living with her...she ought to know
everything. Well, maybe they'd have a nice chat during tea. It would be time
well spent instead
event rejection: of sitting in silence. Her house was quiet enough as it is.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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PostSubject: Re: 08-13 January 2008   08-13 January 2008 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 3:08 am

kurosaki clinic: -=He could only imagine a few reasons why, since the little
lecher thought that a young girl like his sister was "cute". Kurosaki's
scowl, if possible, grew deeper. His nose wrinkled, and his mouth stretched
into a thin grimace, as
kurosaki clinic: if he were trying to pretend that the comment hadn't
bothered him. Yet -- as his mood often reflected the texture of his spiritual
energy; it had become quite a bit more rough from the rise in temper Yukio
decided to invoke. Of cour
kurosaki clinic: se he probably wouldn't do anything to the kid until he
tried to do something to one of his sisters, but the texture they picked up
earlier when he first arrived must have been a little uncomfortable for the
two of them, considering
kurosaki clinic: how much of it he couldn't control. Stiffly, Kurosaki
picked up the cup of tea Inoue had kindly poured for him and took routinely
small sips while it was still fresh from the kettle -- yet inbetween he
didn't do much beside mumble a
kurosaki clinic: bout hating bratty kids.-=

TranquiI ReaIity: He was mad? It actually kind of surprised him to feel
such a spark in his reiatsu. Afterall his was close to him in age, well
appearance wise that is. If you really looked at it, Yukio was an old old
pedophile. Its a good thing
TranquiI ReaIity: in his case there was an exception to the rule, as age
really didn't justify who he was. The tea would lead the way and Yukio
followed over to the table. He would be sure to take a seat across from
Ichigo so that he could be the
TranquiI ReaIity: furthest away from his as the table permitted. The look
of confusion sat on his face was he stared at Kurosaki. Eyes shifted to
Inoue as the awkward silence seemed to return again. The perfect person to
turn to, to start an
TranquiI ReaIity: exciting conversation!

event rejection: She said nothing as the cups were passed out, and took a
seat as well, between them. Whether or not this was on purpose, one couldn't
say. The table was small and round, so, it didn't really matter, and seeing
as she had no chairs..
event rejection: well, pillows were serving nicely. Taking a small drink,
she decided to make an off hand comment, for the sake of dispersing the
quiet. "...It's cold outside today, Kurosaki-kun; where's your jacket?" Well,
it wasn't exactly what
event rejection: she wanted to discuss, but then again, she wasn't the best
person to ask a personal question to the boy. In fact, she didn't even see
him looking at her. Though, he shouldn't take it personally. It was not often
that Inoue would
event rejection: be entertaining guests. The 'Inoue Shouten' was not as
popular as one might think.

kurosaki clinic: -=His anger was diffused for the moment. Luckily for Yukio, Inoue shoved him off guard -- and he might not die as long as he didn't make anymore offhand comments about his siblings. His head tilted upward in surprise that she notice
kurosaki clinic: d...until this point, Ichigo himself had not.-= "Ah...well...I guess I forgot." -=He said. Among all of the other things, it seemed like being cold wasn't on his mind. It didn't matter very much at the moment anyway, since he was a
kurosaki clinic: lready at Inoue's and fairly warm. He moved the topic away from his forgetfulness and to something a little more hostile, as if paying back the comment the little brat made about meeting his sister and finding her attractive. Kurosa
kurosaki clinic: ki roughly jerked his head in his direction while he spoke.-= "He isn't givin' you any problems, right Inoue?" -=An excuse to beat the snot out of him...-=

TranquiI ReaIity: Jack ass. Yukio gave a smile to Inoue as the cup was placed infront of him. That quickly disappeared as the conversation between the two would begin. It was rather cold outside and Kurosaki didn't have a jacket on.. Maybe stupid
TranquiI ReaIity: was like layers of fat. The more you have the warmer you will be. A perplexed look appeared on his face as these thoughts raced through his mind. If this were like a cartoon once could sea a little bubble cloud and a fat Ichigo
TranquiI ReaIity: in it with "stupidfat" written all over him. He was quickly snapped out of this daze as the question about him was posed to Inoue. Being good? Of course he was, though anyone could argue that she was being more than fair to him,
TranquiI ReaIity: but of course this was her nature. Instead of blurting out an answer for himself, why not let her answer

Soifon taichou: Even if it was one of those dreary days you read about in books, she'd happened upon a very lucky situation. While wandering throughout different sections of the town after finally giving up her refuge at the park, she'd stumbled
Soifon taichou: upon a very familiar orange-haired individual. As she hadn't seen anyone else in this entire town that stuck out so violently, especially when one considered spiritual signature, it was an easy guess as to just who it was. The one
Soifon taichou: whose friend had left their breakfast trip, which was awkward in and of itself, with her little brother. Considering she hadn't heard a word from the boy since, it was a good guess that he was still pissed off. Quite the situation
Soifon taichou: to be involved in, indeed. Did she dare go against Inshu's wishes and find the boy, or did she listen to his advice and let him fend for himself for a while? It was high time that the boy learned to defend himself. They were
Soifon taichou: all targeted, after all, and they saw how well he'd defended himself last time. The problem was that those they were against appeared far more dangerous now, the type willing to take a strike at two of them already. Unfortunately
Soifon taichou: for the trio, they were targeting the weaker of the two intentionally. This would be what put Yukio at increased danger, as well as the very reason she'd chosen to slip out of that rather comfortable apartment to try and track the
Soifon taichou: boy down. Had she not run across the back of Pretty boy's head, she might not have had a chance. Now she'd find herself leaning against a neighbor's wall, debating whether she should intrude on whatever the group was doing inside or
Soifon taichou: just hang around on the outside and play the "hidden protector." Was he still mad at her? Pulling the hood of a rather oversized shirt, at least for her, over her head; she'd cast a paranoid glance around her. If it wasn't bad
Soifon taichou: enough that she'd dealt with some random black cat following her, she was damn sure she'd seen some other shinigami keeping an annoyingly close watch. " Tch...How long is this going to last? " Muttered under her breath, she'd start
Soifon taichou: considering that it'd be better to feel awkward indoors, out of sight, than outdoors with stalkers. Well, that and it was starting to rain on her.

event rejection: "..Eh..?" She looked to Strawberry, a bit surprised by the question. Did they really have that much friction..? Developing a sheepish look, she began to think that maybe the 'quality time' was not the best answer..but, no. It was
event rejection: necessary! "..No, no...Yukio-kun's been very good, really. He puts away his dishes, and doesn't wet the bed." All of this was said in a nonchalant manner. How old was the boy, anyway? She never recalled asking. He didn't look too
TranquiI ReaIity: (..................................WTF >> )
event rejection: aged...certainly not in high school... Oh well. What she said ought not be embarrassing for either of them, simply because it was the truth. Smiling, she was rather oblivious to the fact that Yukio may not feel the same way. Oh, wha
event rejection: what a silly girl! Noticing Ichigo's tea had gotten low, she refilled it without question, doing the same for hers. Now, the hot drink had cleared her head considerably, and she was much more awake. This was most likely the only
event rejection: reason why she felt the hint of a presence not far off. Normally, this wasn't that impressive, as people DID live around her, however the spiritual pressure was more evident than a normal human's. Plus...this was something she'd
event rejection: worked with before. For some reason, it was easier to remember signatures if she'd used her powers, specifically souten kisshun, on them. So, when she visibly perked to eye in that direction, it wasn't much of a shock. Yukio-kun's
event rejection: sister...wasn't it?

kurosaki clinic: -=He had to hide his face behind his cup to keep from snorting at the comment. Does Inoue really know how old this kid is...? Although, he was quite confident when he turned toward Yukio and repeated her comment about how well-behav
kurosaki clinic: ed he was -- especially with his sheets. -= "Doesn't wet the bed, huh?" -=He sipped the rest inbetween bubbling noises when he couldn't keep his laughter inside of the cup. -= "I'm proud of you, kid. Looks like stayin' with Inoue ha
kurosaki clinic: s done wonders for your problem..." -=When Inoue refilled his glass, he nodded and thanked her for the quick re-fill; although instead of taking a drink right away, he set it back ontop of the table in time to catch Inoue's fast att
kurosaki clinic: ention span switch targets peculiarly, though, instead of looking in the same direction she had -- he stupidly asked her: -= "Huh? What is it, Inoue?"

TranquiI ReaIity: What? Yukio nodded as Inoue listed off his good behavior. Until she came to the bed wetting issue...? What the hell!? This wasn't even an issure, he had stopped that before her mothers mother was even born. That nodding, happy
TranquiI ReaIity: content head of his suddenly froze. A comical cringing twist of the head shifted to stare at Inoue. His right eye began to to twich as the disbelief of what she had said just passed his ears! Hell it wasn't like he was Kurosaki's
TranquiI ReaIity: sister Karin! Yukio would lower his head in sheer shock as he slowly sipped the tea. Oh it didn't take long for the buzzards to pick at that dead body of his. No no Kurosaki started on him faster than a hobo on a ham sand witch
TranquiI ReaIity: . Oh of all things to be proud of, that sarcastic tone of voice hit his ears and what was this about problems. That head of his would raise and fire one of those i'm going to kill you if you don't shut the fuck up type of
TranquiI ReaIity: looks. Coming from him, not as threatening, but at the very least it would get his point across. Afterall he didn't want to get beat up for a second time by the kid, now did he?

Soifon taichou: Shoving her hands into her pockets in a style that mimicked Inshu, she'd find herself quickly growing weary of standing around as the rain picked up. Why the hell was she worried about whether or not the squirt was still pissed at
Soifon taichou: her, anyway? Really, any excuse to get her ass out of the rain at this point. Sighing to herself, she'd shift her weight off the wall of that neighbor's home and back onto her feet. It was almost like living on the streets again,
Soifon taichou: the way she was carrying on. She'd as alert as possible when it came to the shadows of passersby. Did they even have shadows? Huh. Now that was something she'd never stopped to consider before. Well, if they didn't, at least she
Soifon taichou: knew that it was only some random human passing by, even if they did cast her weird looks. Them and their damn umbrellas. She'd just shift her emerald eyes from the family going down the sidewalk as she approached the door. So far,
Soifon taichou: she'd only seen Pretty Boy and that odd girl inside, but she was sure that wherever the big breasted woman was, Yukio wouldn't be far behind. The little pervert, he really was worse than Inshu on those matters. She'd hesitate for a
Soifon taichou: moment before knocking on the door. How the hell do I explain this? It wasn't as if she was the type to just rap on the door and barge in, no, that really wasn't her style.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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PostSubject: Re: 08-13 January 2008   08-13 January 2008 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 3:10 am

Iivid mischief: "Ey, the hell are you doin' out here in the rain? You look like a fuckin' drenched rat. We got a house, y'know. Not our problem if the little shit wants to stay with them." And, from out of nowhere, the "evil" older brother -
Iivid mischief: approached Kohana, hands shoved into his pockets. He refused to wear the hoodie in the rain; he didn't wanna turn out looking as drenched as his sister, afterall. A simple jacket and a shirt; and it was such a comfy jacket, like, -
Iivid mischief: god damn, you could fall asleep standing up in the thing. "'ya look like a stalker, by the way. Just campin' out beside their house, lookin' all shady and shit. Hell, if I was a cop, I'd have checked ya for drugs; or for -
Iivid mischief: bein' one of them corner workers. Y'know how that is. It's creeeeepy." The blond shrugged, then pointed absentmindedly down the road. "I gotta get to Korakuen, so, uh, you can keep your creepy ass out here all night if ya wanna, or,
Iivid mischief: you can stop poutin', kick the cat into traffic, and, y'know, forget about the little asshole. Just remind me to change the locks so he can't get back in, yo."

event rejection: My she was having a lot of visitors today...Ironic how half of them were considered to be enemies. Not to her, of course. She had no reason to fight with them...besides the fact that their insane brother thought it was a 'good idea'
event rejection: to bring down a building to make a scene. Oh, and speak of the devil. The sound at the door had been reason enough for her to rise from her seat on the floor and go toward it, turning, and tugging the knob to spot not one but two
event rejection: siblings outside. Brows curved noticably as she seemed surprised. No reason to answer Ichigo's question now; if he had eyes, he would know exactly why her attention had been averted from the quaint conversation. Allowing him into
event rejection: the house hadn't been strange at all, though, these two were still rather mysterious to her. Eventually, she did move out of the way, door going with her as a sort of unspoken welcome into her home. At the same time, the girl's head
event rejection: turned toward the boy seated at the table. Well, it was HIS family, after all. It was only logical that he greet them before she did. But, then again, she was uncertain as to what kind of ground they were on here. If they were
event rejection: fighting, it would be odd for the two of them to show up at her door, though, right? Perhaps they were here to make ammends. Gaze slowly shifted to the kitchen, wondering if there were more clean cups to go around...

kurosaki clinic: -=HIs question was answered almost as quickly as Kurosaki had asked it, as Inoue was quick to answer the door. It was a little strange that she looked at it before anyone had even knocked -- but Inoue wasn't exactly the most normal
kurosaki clinic: girl he knew, either, so he didn't pay much mind to it. A family reunion at Inoue's house seemed a little bit too much trouble for just stopping by -- and if at all possible, Ichigo probably got along with Yukio's siblings worse tha
kurosaki clinic: n he did with Yukio himself. It would be normal for Kurosaki to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but instead, he decided to be the obnoxious one to break the silence that seemed to come when the door had open and the two prizes behi
kurosaki clinic: nd it were revealed. Ichigo turned his head toward Yukio to say loudly so the four of them could all hear it, and there wasn't much escaping the topic afterward. -= "So what? Ain't you gonna' greet them? They came all the way over h
kurosaki clinic: ere to see how you were, afterall." -=Maybe these two weren't as bad as he thought, even if he still didn't really agree with locking him out of the "shelter" the two of them seemed to procure for themselves without him.-=

TranquiI ReaIity: Yukio was in that bit of a daze, he only snapped out of it when he head a knocking sound on the door. It was then he finally picked up on it was well. The look on his face became blank as he watched Inoue leave to answer the
TranquiI ReaIity: door. They already had kicked him out and left him for dead. As the door was open Yukio kept his eyes on the door. Oh it wasn't a big surprise as he saw his sister standing in the door way, looking like a drenched rat at
TranquiI ReaIity: that. He released the cup of tea and stood up. The look on his face had not really changed as he walked toward the door. A hand reached up to brush strands of blonde hair out of his eyes. Behind his sister he caught a glimpse of
TranquiI ReaIity: Inshu a ways off. The sight of him was even more so unwelcomed then his sister, though his problem really wasn't with his sister it was with Inshu. Though being related she had automatically been pulled into the problem. No doubt
TranquiI ReaIity: was left in his mind that Inshu was here to visit, more than likely he was just passing by. Nothing came out of his mouth as he stared past Kohana at Inshu. He had disowned him, so why not do the same to him? His eyes shifted
TranquiI ReaIity: back to Kohana and then to Inoue and then back to Kohana. More importantly, just why did she come anyway?

Soifon taichou: With just enough time to get one good knock out, she'd suddenly find herself latching onto the wall of Orihime's house. Well, figuratively, anyway. What everyone else would see is a literal jump out of every single one of the
Soifon taichou: muscles in her body. Just who appeared out of nowhere and started berating someone who was obviously already under stress?! " O-onii-san!? " That question in her voice would just be a reaction to the extreme startle response he'd
Soifon taichou: initiated. She couldn't be too surprised that he'd be upset at her actually spending the time to watch the boy. Well, since her identity was al
Soifon taichou: already* being given up, she'd just pull that hood down. At least he wasn't screaming at her for raiding his closet for the hoodie. It'd be then that his references would really sink in. Did he just call me a rat and a whore
Soifon taichou: at the same time?! " Oi..." Her eyes would narrow slightly at that mention of the damn cat that had been harassing her as of late. Really, it'd been gone today. Why did he have to torment her like that? Last time she confided in
Soifon taichou: him when insane things happened to her. " I just... " She'd be stopped by the opening of that door, bringing her back to an even more awkward situation. She could just barely see Yukio back within the home, but his facial expression
Soifon taichou: didn't betray any sense of happiness. Shifting, she'd lean in just slightly so she could get a better glimpse of him, ignoring the obvious owner of the household. She didn't look too comfortable, either, so why put her through more
Soifon taichou: by adhering to the polite manners? " Yukio... " Oh great, a literal brick wall. She couldn't blame Inshu, she knew he had his own way of doing things. This reaction, however, was not indicative of someone who was given the chance to
Soifon taichou: stand up for himself and then chose to leave over it. " Oi, Kid. " It was a little rougher of an attempt to get his attention to focus on her, but hopefully it'd work. " Are you done being upset? " Hey, probably not the best route,
Soifon taichou: but she'd learned something from Inshu. When you say something abrupt like that, people actually respond.

Iivid mischief: "..the hell are you talkin' to, sis? I didn't know we had a broth-- Oooh. Him. Yeeeah, meet me near the train when you're done." Peeking past her, he waved to the two inside; a polite wave to the girl, and a middle finger to -
Iivid mischief: Kurosaki. Of course, he was just kidding, and he assumed the carrot-topped asshole would get it and respond in kind. Stepping back, he leaned back in and, in an awkward moment, scratched his head. "Oi, watch yourself, young lady. -
Iivid mischief: Before 'ya know it, he'll run out on ya and make some bullshit excuse; seems he always does that when things get a lil bit too hard for the little fucker." And with the goofy grin and wave, it would've been a bit too hard to figure-
Iivid mischief: out whether or not he was kidding. "Oh, yeah.. I'm getting the locks changed, just so ya know. Don't need a little deserter like 'ya comin' back to us with his tail between his legs." And as soon as he popped in Bugs Bunny style, -
Iivid mischief: he was gone the next. Seriously, that selfish little shit was irritating.

event rejection: He really had a dirty mouth, didn't he? It had never really occured to her until he spoke directly to Inoue, who kind've just stared incredulously as he offered a wave and a bird to Ichigo. 'Well, now, that wasn't very nice..' The
event rejection: girl was practically ignoring her, but it wasn't her that she'd come to see, anyway. And Inoue hadn't exactly said a hello to either of them. Eyes trailed from Yukio to his brother and sister, and back again, until only Kohana was
event rejection: left. Not exactly the most heartwarming reunion, was it? Expression had become uncertain. What exactly was going on now..? Why was he mad to begin with? It was no doubt the reason that he was holing up here instead of at that
event rejection: apartment..but..oi. His brother was changing the locks? That was a bit least, she thought so. Though, if she voiced that, Inshu would probably correct her immediately with his awful language. Best to stay quiet...Did a gust
event rejection: of leaves just blow past?

kurosaki clinic: -=He was ticked about it, but there wasn' tmuch he could do after the oldest punk -- harder to deal with than both the girl and the youngest combined -- turned tail and left as quickly as he had come. He didn't know much about the s
kurosaki clinic: ituation, but it didn't stop him from throwing himself into it head first. -= "Deserter?" -=He asked blankly. He was mad, to say the least, that an older brother could talk about his sibling like that. Ichigo would get angry if even
kurosaki clinic: just a friend was called a traitor infront of him. There were still blanks to fill, however, and the gaping silence between the group of them gathered there remained, scarring Ichigo's face with a deeper scowl of determination to f
kurosaki clinic: igure out just how he could treat someone -- even though Kurosaki himself didn't like Yukio -- related to him like trash. After a moment, he took it upon himself and said. -= "Hey. Inoue." -=To break the quiet again, and slid himsel
kurosaki clinic: f a small portion away from the table. -= "I don't mean to be a pain, but...couldja' watch my body for a while?" -=And habitually, he took a "yes" answer before she had given it, and gripped onto the replacement pendant constantly f
kurosaki clinic: astened to his hip, separating his very soul from his body to stand as a Soul Reaper and follow after "older brother's" suit. -= "I'm gonna' go have a talk with that guy." -=Clearly, as his hand was on Zangetsu, he intended to talk
kurosaki clinic: with his fists. Of course, He'd have to pass Kohana...-=
kurosaki clinic: -=Who he...hoped was making...steakums tonight.-=

- Bitchninja-taichou
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TranquiI ReaIity: A traitor huh? Yukio stared at Kohana as the abruptly questioned him. It was true that inside he had missed them. I...--- He found himself cut off as Inshu went on a rant. Who was the one that walked out on who? It was Inshu
TranquiI ReaIity: that had left him, in his eyes. Here he was again, doing the same thing. So what if he had a little bit of money now fron fighting, all of a sudden that made him a greedy stuck up bastard? The words tore into him harshly and
TranquiI ReaIity: as a result probably caused a bit of an over reaction. Yukio started into a sprint and ran outside as Inshu started his walk away. I don't need you!! Yukio shouted as loud as he could down the street. Obviously in more ways
TranquiI ReaIity: than not he needed the both of them. It wouldn't be long that he stood there drenched from the rain, staring out his brother leaving. Ever wonder what it was like to live in someone elses shadow your entire life? Welcome to
TranquiI ReaIity: Yukio's world.

Soifon taichou: As Inshu leaned close and started in, she'd cringe. This wasn't going to go well at all. With a weary side-glance to his interactions with the two poor souls stuck in the middle of the mess, she'd find herself leaning back against
Soifon taichou: one of the doorways. At least they weren't tracking mud and water into Orihime's carpet. With a glance around, she could at least know that Yukio would be staying in a clean environment, even if it was odd not to see a set of
Soifon taichou: parents floating around a young girl's house. A brow would quirk curiously, however, as he leaned in and started with Orihime. Tell me he isn't going to flirt.. Well, that'd be a bad guess. Had she ever seen Inshu actually behave in
Soifon taichou: a "flirtatious" manner with a woman before? Searching her memory quickly, she'd come up with a no. That search would have to be quick with his next line towards the girl. " Onii-san! " She'd end up calling it out to him as he began
Soifon taichou: to leave. Now see, this is why she'd hoped to have slipped out of their own apartment unnoticed. If she was going to get an idea of how close the boy was to giving up his tantrum, she had to actually hear from him. Wait, did the
Soifon taichou: temperature of the air just change? She'd felt that little burst of reiatsu, but why was Pretty Boy now joining in to blow off some hot air? Did that kid ever mind his own business? There'd be a frown now, as he passed by her,
Soifon taichou: before her own temper began to show itself. " Don't you have other ways of obtaining bruises, Pretty Boy? " Ugh, another cringe given at the emotional outburst from the boy. He was really starting to act like a woman just about to
Soifon taichou: enter her monthly cycle. She would cringe, yes, but she'd hold herself firmly in place. Don't need us, eh? " Fine. " It was through gritted teeth, but she was tired of being the one trying to take care of this. Instead, with a
Soifon taichou: glance over her shoulder towards the only sane one in the group, she'd give a low-toned apology. " Gomen nasai. " With that out of the way, she was free to stalk after Pretty Boy and Inshu. Yukio usually managed to only cause
Soifon taichou: trouble for humans, but these two? Oh no. There was going to be bloodshed.

Iivid mischief: " what?" For the first time, Inshu genuinely regarded Yukio as nothing more than a waste of life; no matter what the hell he did for the kid, he was under appreciated, even before their time with the rings. And he definitely-
Iivid mischief: wasn't going to sit around and let the kid talk to him like that. " know what, Yukio?" Stopping in his tracks, the young man forced himself to turn around, giving the boy a slight grin. "I knew Mom and Dad were wrong to have -
Iivid mischief: another kid; I kept saying: he's going to be a pain in the ass! We don't have enough money to take care of what we've got now! Oh noooesss!!!" Digits curled tightly into fists, and if it weren't for his jacket, the muscular tension-
Iivid mischief: gathering in his arms would've easily apparent. "You always bitched, and bitched, and bitched! Oh, I remember all the whining you did. Not a damn word about whether or not I was actually injured, when I was, y'know, fighting back -
Iivid mischief: then, too, to keep your sorry ass fed. Or, when I bought you that shitty little toy you kept screaming about. 'OH MAH GOD PLEAASSEEEE INSHU CAN I HAVE ME THA TOYZ?!!?!' God damn annoyance, I fucking swear it." seemed that the -
Iivid mischief: hissy fit the boy had been throwing, as well as the way he had been acting, finally managed to make the guy snap. And if he knew any better, then Kurosaki would be bringing his ass over in just a moment, so he had nothing to worry -
Iivid mischief: about -- he had two fights tonight, apparently: one in the ring, and the guy that was going to act as his medium for getting rid of all the damn frustration. "..Oi, kid; before I go, I gotta know one thing: what's your last name -
Iivid mischief: now? I'm sure you've been oh so eager to change it."

event rejection: It seemed things had escalated. Eyes had been trained on the situation since that orange-haired replacement had stepped in, and things had gone rather quietly until those two showed up at the front door. Appearance became annoyed.
event rejection: Standing in a tree during rainfall was bad enough, and now having to take care of this? Well, it wouldn't all be on her shoulders, now would it? Not when there were more than capable subordinates under her command. Of course. In one
event rejection: quick shunpo, the woman stood aside a shady looking figure that had been perched atop Inoue's apartment roof. Whether or not she startled her didn't seem to phase Ise much, seeing as the girl should be smart enough to keep any
event rejection: surprised noises quiet. She'd done well keeping herself hidden, she'd give her that much. If she did well on her next assignment, she might even mention it. However, at the moment, there were more pressing matters to attend to.
event rejection: Keeping her voice restrained, not something too difficult thanks to the booming sounds overhead and the constant pitter-patter of rain, she gave her directions, "Akogare. Follow him. Make sure you're not noticed." He wasn't as
event rejection: paranoid as the others, so it shouldn't be too hard. "Go." No need to point. It was obvious whom she was talking about. Away with you, underling.

Soifon taichou: Dark eyes had been focused on the scene since the moment she'd followed her charge in. Why they decided she had to be the one to stalk after the most paranoid of the group, she wasn't sure, but somehow she always seemed to be the
Soifon taichou: one following after the blonde girl. She was still kneeling low on top of that roof, though the position was more so she could keep traction than to actually avoid being seen. The girl seemed to paranoid about a few stray cats that
Soifon taichou: had passed her way than about her own presence, if she'd even noticed. It'd been quite a training session for keeping reiatsu as minimal as possible, at least until they'd started following the Representative boy. With him around,
Soifon taichou: who had to be extremely careful? Soaked black hair stuck to the sides of her face, causing her to brush them back behind her ears with a dripping hand. How long was this soap opera going to last, anyway? It'd be boring if it didn't
Soifon taichou: appear that the tempers were going to fly straight into a battle, one that held the potential to damage the surrounding area. It was concerning, though, that everything ended up happening here. Wasn't someone supposed to be assigned
Soifon taichou: to watch over the boy and the older sibling, as well? She hadn't taken any immediate notice of anyone, but their communication system also remained quiet. Whoever was assigned was obviously choosing to remain hidden and silent.
Soifon taichou: She'd cringe as another crash of thunder followed a flash of lightning. It was a lucky thing she was already a spirit, otherwise she'd seriously be fearing for her life up on a roof during a storm. Unfortunately, that momentary
Soifon taichou: lapse in alertness would lead her to have to literally bite her tongue to keep from letting out a surprised yelp. It was just lucky she'd grown used to people popping up out of nowhere, not that she'd mention any names. Then again,
Soifon taichou: who could blame a shock of fear when Ise Nanao appeared just in time for another flash of lightning? No, the woman didn't have to point. She obviously had a reason for scaring the young shinigami half to death, and at least this
Soifon taichou: time it was the mission at hand. Eyes had followed the boy from the house, the weakest of the three and the most vulnerable. Keeping her voice low, a single word would be uttered in time with a nod. " Hai. " With that, she'd take
Soifon taichou: off from the side of the roof with only one minor slip from the rain. Hey, for a fourth division, that had to be a record.

event rejection: She almost said 'Sure', too, until she realized what he'd asked. "..E..Eh!? Kurosaki-kun!" Not that she could do anything about it now, since his material body had slumped over, whereas his spiritual one stood, sword in hand and
event rejection: battle ready. And was that all? Noo, certainly not. The boy she'd allowed into her home also decided to attract attention by bursting out the door before anyone could bother to stop him. What a dilemma...She couldn't just leave
event rejection: Ichigo's body alone. She'd..somehow already agreed to watch over it. Abandoning him wasn't an option. She could really only hope that the boy wouldn't do anything foolish..Augh...where were the others of their little group when you
event rejection: needed them!? Sitting here making sure Ichigo's body wasn't destroyed for some odd reason seemed kind of cowardly, but what the hell else were her choices? His sister had already taken off, atleast offering an apology, but STILL!
event rejection: She was becoming torn over a situation that was being blown out of proportion. Glancing out the door, she noticed a figure in the rain that was no ones that she knew. Not well, anyway. Clad in wet shinigami clothing, the spectacled
event rejection: woman's face showed clearly in another lightning bolt with an expression that said very clearly to stay put.

kurosaki clinic: -=He spoke loudly between thunderstrikes and heavy snare-drum rain that pounded against his skin; but didn't cool him off anymore. -= "I don't care what the hell is goin' on, or who you think you are..." -=The orange haired replacem
kurosaki clinic: ent braced Zangetsu over his shoulder; its wrapping seemed to enchant itself away from the sharp cleaver edge to make it a little more menacing, yet, he didn't point it at him or make any threatening moves beyond what he said. -= "B
kurosaki clinic: ut I ain't a doctor or anythin', so all I can do is kick you around town until you figure out how an older brother should treat his family! " -=By then, surely, they had more than enough of an audience to make sure that they didn't
kurosaki clinic: cause too much damage around the city. Kurosaki hadn't said anything specifically to anyone, but he was sure someone would wise up and put some kind of barrier around them, or something....neither of them really had any power limits
kurosaki clinic: in the real world like the Shinigami that were stationed in karakura.-= "So take out those dumb weapons so we can start this class!"

TranquiI ReaIity: A war of words. Eyes remained stationed on Inshu as he tore him apart from the inside out. Behind the water that already dripped on his face Yukio began to cry. (CAUSE REAL MEN CRY >.>) He had realized that just before this blow
TranquiI ReaIity: up of Inshu's that he had called him "Inshu." He hadn't called him Inshu for as long as he could remember. It was after that, that wall of his was torn down. Inshu had successfully torn down the wall of a grudge. During the
TranquiI ReaIity: speech and the yelling Yukio began to walk forward towards him, who was now paritally blocked by the resident Shinigami. A change in paths would bring him in veiw of his brother again. O-one-s-sann... He stared at him, quickly
TranquiI ReaIity: wiping the water and tears from his face. Though that wouldn't last long before his face was drenched again. Then the end of the speech really killed him when he asked him what his last name was? Without hesitation he started his
TranquiI ReaIity: voice in a yell, but the only letters annunciated was the "Ta." The only reason he didn't yell it was because he choked over the words. Before stopping in his tracks and lowering his voice again. Takuhara... Yukio looked towards
TranquiI ReaIity: his sister and then back to his brother with a crushed look in his eyes. Was he really about to lose the two closet people in his life..? Did they really think of him as a mistake? Yukio just stood there in shock, the only
TranquiI ReaIity: movement he made after that was his right hand clutching the orb beneath his shirt.

Soifon taichou: This was going to really turn ugly, it seemed. Not only were those two still yelling back and forth, but now Inshu was really dumping some dirty linen on the strange girl's lawn. " Onii-san.. " Another pleading moment, just to get
Soifon taichou: the man to shut up. Anything. " ENOUGH! " Her hands would be curled into a fist before clenching. Maybe the boy did deserve a good reaming for his behavior, but out in the middle of a person's private residence was not the
Soifon taichou: appropriate place! It wasn't surprising that she didn't seem to be heard. Isn't this how it always went? Damn the role of the middle child. She wouldn't dare utter any of the thoughts she'd held onto through the years. It would just
Soifon taichou: be twisted by one of the two like they were already doing. It didn't matter, anyway, since it seemed that everyone's favorite shinigami was about to step into the family feud. Inshu had a fight tonight, so why was he even wasting
Soifon taichou: time to scream at the boy? He'd settle down on his own and come back. Either that or he'd actually grow up a bit without them pampering him all the time. What he really didn't need was an extra fight with the boy who tried to
Soifon taichou: protect everyone. There he stood, weapon drawn, and his back completely to her. Well, if they were going to ignore her, why not make her own bid for attention? It's not like she'd stand by and let him engage her brother, not when
Soifon taichou: he'd destroyed his own ring. " Tch.." That characteristic annoyed sound mixed with another crash of thunder would mask the 'click' as she pulled the handle of her own weapon down, releasing it from it's hidden position. She didn't
Soifon taichou: even have to wind it tight today, considering she was practically swallowed by Inshu's shirt. Still, letting it drop to the ground, she'd take a quick moment's advantage of Ichigo's lack of attention to an enemy. With a quick draw
Soifon taichou: back of the arm and a purposeful flick of her wrist, she'd send the bladed weapon to wrap around the oversized blade with the next flash of lightning. Considering he was in spirit form, it would seem she was the only one risking
Soifon taichou: anything by playing with metal objects in a thunder storm.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Iivid mischief: "C'mon it and try it, Kurosaki. I fucking dare you." His own reiatsu began to rapidly rise, despite the fact that his ring had been destroyed a few days ago. His left hand was overcome by an ethereal violet hue. Tensing the muscles-
Iivid mischief: in his right arm, he concentrated his reiatsu into the palm of his hand, materializing a sword in the same manner that he previously used with the now destroyed ring. The silver blade was huge, but in no way close to equaling the -
Iivid mischief: size of Kurosaki's own "compensation" (lolz). Lifting the blade onto his shoulder, he tapped the dull edge harmlessly against his shoulder, while the characteristics of the sword remained unseen due to the rain. "Boy, do I love -
ivid mischief: having my own little 'powers.' That vengeful bitch kept driving me crazy, y'know. Random blood coughing spasm here, random pains there, real annoyin'." Brushing soaked blond hair out of his visage, Inshu made no effort to move the -
Iivid mischief: blade into an offensive, or defensive position, simply satisfied with his current stance. The one thing that could be seen were four illuminated lights where the handguard would have been, all matching the color of his hand. -
Iivid mischief: "C'mon, try it. Just like my brother found out; you won't get any stronger without some sort of.. y'know, superior obstacle standin' in your way."

event rejection: Eyes had remained watchful the entire time, despite the fact that she'd sent Satori on her way. She had not expected the child to chase after his brother; she personally had planned to follow the elder siblings. But, now it seemed
event rejection: they'd all grouped together. How convenient. And there was that make-believe shinigami, stirring up more trouble. It was unfortunate that he was unable to control his reminded her of a certain situation that had
event rejection: occured awhile ago. Frown in place, brows had narrowed gently as she observed from a spot where she would not be easily seen by any of them, unless they were really looking. It seemed she might have to step in eventually, though,
event rejection: should they cause too much damage. Though, even with Kurosaki and Akogare, she wasn't entirely sure they could handle that brother of theirs...he was a loose cannon, likely to destroy anything for the heck of it. After all, he'd
event rejection: agreed to fight without pause. She ought to have that stupid boy reprimanded for engaging the brother in combat. Not as though she was in charge of him, unfortunately. It would be important to conceal herself for as long as possible
event rejection: though, should she need to plan any sneak attacks. Hues temporarily left the brewing battle in order to locate her subordinate; the girl should be hidden if she wanted to stay alive.

Soifon taichou: While that minor slip of her footing on the roof had been embarrassing, it hadn't caused her to tumble down onto the street. That was always a good sign. Besides, with the fight stirring up behind her, she would have figured
Soifon taichou: she'd be the safe one following the kid. Yet another person letting emotions run their lives. It seemed like a common theme amongst all the individuals here. Then again, who was she to chide someone for being emotional? It was,
Soifon taichou: after all, how she landed herself in her own messes. Besides, it was a trait the fourth division was rather proud of, that sense of compassion. She'd just learned that misplaced compassion, meaning placing it in those with no
Soifon taichou: working brain cells, often led one to very painful situations. Quite useful information, really. When the boy had turned from his escape, however, she'd nearly skidded off a wet tree branch. Clinging onto the larger branches, she'd
Soifon taichou: steadied herself to keep watch over the boy. He was looking to be just as hard to follow as his sister, who seemed to be knee-deep in the drama occurring. " Shouldn't Kyouraku-taichou be here for such a mess..? " She'd whispered it
Soifon taichou: to herself, as she was a good enough distance from the others that she shouldn't be heard over the storm. It was a curious thing, though, that the taichou leading this random squad was nowhere to be found in such a time of crisis.
Soifon taichou: That is, curious until she swore she heard a faint sound of snoring coming through that ear piece. No...He wouldn't be... Characteristic face fault. She just didn't want to believe a taichou would take such a time to nap...

event rejection: With nothing to do, and no tea left to drink, she had an idle thought and went with it. Not long after, Kurosaki's body was propped against the wall while she decorated him with the latest styles of make-up. Covergirl couldn't have
event rejection: asked for a better model.

kurosaki clinic: -=Though, situations had only really gotten this poor because of the soul society's poor attempt at "keeping an eye" on these three in the first place, despite Ichigo insisting that he could handle it to Ikkaku. Didn't this same Tak
kurosaki clinic: uhara go crazy when he heard someone blurt over a radio about a "target"? Irregardless, the situation had poor conditions for both sides. Things were undoubtedly going to be damaged if they fought here -- especially Inoue's house, n
kurosaki clinic: ot that anything other than fighting was on Ichigo's mind at the moment. Betweent the two, Ichigo and Inshu could and would probably only understand or listen to eachother through some manner of fighting or argument. He had gotten s
kurosaki clinic: ome strange new ability and had taken to rambling on about some penance he paid for it -- but Ichigo didn't seem to care; and one sibling throwing her weapon around his wasn't going to stop him. -= "WRONG!" -=He exclaimed. Whether i
kurosaki clinic: t some stupid accident, or mindfully thought out to not involve the city, Ichigo thrust his Zangetsu from his shoulder, whip wrapped around it and everything, before shoving the tip into the cement; gouging a scar into the street.
kurosaki clinic: The effects on Kohana were oblivious to him, yet she might have been tugged forward off balance, had he not been attacked in the space between these motions. Ichigo held up three blurry fingers in the rain before he formally issued
kurosaki clinic: the same challenge.-= "Human against human -- whether it's in the ring or the street, I'm gonna make you regret sayin' your brother was a mistake!" -=He wasn't particularly fond of boxing, but whether it was a street fight or a boxi
kurosaki clinic: ng match, he seemed determined in its resolution. -= "Unless you're scared of losin' at your own game -- accept the challenge."

TranquiI ReaIity: So when in doubt, resort to fighting! It was funny, he stood there ready to make ammends, but no one seemed to care for it. Yukio stood there watching the fight begin to unfold. That hand on the orb became a tight clutch of his
TranquiI ReaIity: shirt and the orb. They were not going to fight here, not like this, not for these reasons. The only reason Kurosaki was in this fight was over him? He hated the shinigami and yet he was willing to die for him? Kind of sounds
TranquiI ReaIity: like he was taking a liking to Yukio? Maybe he did like the idea of him hitting on his sister afterall. Souzoubutsu. He called out as the white shirt he wore became see through and the slits of light between his fingers showed
TranquiI ReaIity: the glowing of that orb. He had become much better at making these barriers and they could stand up just a little better now. Three box like barriers were then placed around Inshu, Kohana, and Ichigo. This was meant to
TranquiI ReaIity: temporarily bind them and postpone this fight. Kurosaki proposed the ring? How dumb was he, he did know Inshu was an amateur boxer now right? So they wanted him to stand up for what he believed was right? Alright so he was going
TranquiI ReaIity: to now. The barriers were reinforced with a second round of magic from the orb. Just stop!!! He yelled and walked closer to the trio. At the very least he could only hope these barriers held up, if they didn't well someone was
TranquiI ReaIity: going to get a serious ass kicking and he had a bad gut feeling about who was going to recieve this said ass whipping.

Soifon taichou: While her own assault landed the result she was looking for, it didn't seem to get the reaction she had expected. Instead of drawing Pretty Boy's attention off Inshu, she'd find herself literally pulled from her feet. The bladed
Soifon taichou: whip had wound itself tightly enough around the blade of Zangetsu that it would hold when he made his move. It was a strange move, pulling Zangetsu forward only to slam it into the ground. Following that movement, as she was pulled,
Soifon taichou: she'd slam onto that cement before being drug forward a foot or so. At that point, she'd let go of the handle to the whip. It was not, after all, her strongest weapon. Just the one that was the most convenient. Bloodied arms aside,
Soifon taichou: she'd find herself questioning just what the hell was running through the boy's mind. He'd successfully pulled her off balance only to brush her attack aside? He didn't take advantage of that vulnerability? What kind of shinigami...
Soifon taichou: Hell, what kind of fighter was he? Teeth clenched as the rain washed the mud from her, she could only stare on as he made his formal challenge to Inshu. Pulling herself into a sitting position, she'd stare on in amazement as
Soifon taichou: the boy thrust himself into something that was clearly not his business. " What the hell is it to you, Shinigami? " So her playful taunt of a nickname was dropped. Being brushed off was not her favorite experience. It was rather far
Soifon taichou: from it. In fact, based on her own experiences, it was probably the easiest way to set off her own temper. " It's not like keeping our family intact was ever a concern before. " She'd be stopped before she could get to her feet and
Soifon taichou: find another avenue to take out her own anger by a familar looking barrier. Yukio... She wouldn't even cast a glance at the boy. Reinforced or not, they were not the strongest of barriers and she could easily force her way through
Soifon taichou: it with the right amount of leverage.

Iivid mischief: "Human against human? Alrighty." The blade dissipated, the random particles levitating skyward before vanishing from sight. Pushing his hands against the opposite palm, a low crack resounded through the small barr--.. wait, -
Iivid mischief: barrier? He was so damn preoccupied with the Shinigami that he almost didn't notice the brats handy work. Letting his reiatsu rise a tiny bit, he slammed his fist into the fragile barrier, then, with little effort, sealed the -
Iivid mischief: powers. "..hey, Kohana. Take the brat inside, and deal with those injuries, okay?" Despite the fact he almost didn't notice the barriers, he couldn't help but notice when one of them got hurt; just part of being the oldest brother,-
Iivid mischief: and it was the part that sucked the most. "..yeeah, we can solve this without all the crazy ass superpowers and shit. A good, old fashioned fist fight. Makes a 'lotta sense." Despite the fact his own fight was still a few hours -
Iivid mischief: away, he didn't seem the least bit worried about being injured beforehand. Besides, he'd have enough time to recover before his next fight after that one, anyway. That was the beauty of the professional ring. That, and the actual -
Iivid mischief: fighting.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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event rejection: What an interesting turn of events. Kurosaki was dumber than he looked. While he was getting rather adept with his sword, he didn't have skills necessary for hand-to-hand combat with a man who had taken up boxing. At least, that's
event rejection: what she thought. Maybe he'd have more surprises up that sleeve of his; she could only hope so. It would be a shame to report to headquarters that they would have to deal with a body. Even if his real one was back at that girl's
event rejection: home no doubt looking BEAUTIFUL ..this was going to get messy. It was time she summoned her commanding officer. Reaching to her ear, she pressed onto a button to connect, and nearly let out a shriek of frustration when she
event rejection: heard his rhythmic breathing. The man had had a nap before they'd even LEFT on this could he possibly still be tired!? It wasn't difficult to imagine his cheeks a rosey tint with sake in the air as he was slumped
event rejection: wherever the hell he was. Probably in some dumpster where she wouldn't think to find him. Instead, teeth gritted tightly beneath taut lips as she slipped that same hand into her sleeve. She had hoped it wouldn't come to this...

Soifon taichou: The intensity would appear to be rising. Even if the attack by the middle sibling had been easily thwarted, it would only seem to cause extra tension amongst the three. She could only begin to wonder just what was going through the
Soifon taichou: boy's head, though, challenging that human to a literal hand-to-hand contest. Wasn't that one of his weaker points? It wasn't as though he'd ever shown any hint of kidou ability, nor had she heard of it. From everything she'd ever
Soifon taichou: learned about the boy, he was strictly a sword fighter. So...why deviate from his skill just to prove some point? She'd kneel down on the branch she'd settled herself onto, one hand still grasping another to keep her footing. Given
Soifon taichou: her own level of strength, she wasn't about to intervene. That was a job that Ise-fukutaichou could handle, really. She was supposed to be the healing support on this mission, anyway. Best to lay low unless called upon. Her
Soifon taichou: eyes would widen a bit as those barriers were created. She knew the boy could create them, of course, but not that he could make them pop up anywhere like that. Now things really were getting interesting. She had to wonder if
Soifon taichou: Ise-fukutaichou was seeing this, or if she was too busy fuming over the snores coming through the speaker of their communication system. Had it been a lighter situation, she might even laugh about it. Unfortunate for them all, those
Soifon taichou: barriers appeared to be very fragile. If things went well, they could at least see two individuals taken out of the fight scene. She'd inwardly hope that the girl would heed her sibling's advice and take the boy out of range.

Iovely nanao: Sitting there with a practically dead body wasn't on her to-do list today. Which was why it was so interesting. The make-up thing had gotten dull fast, so she'd taken the time to wipe it off. He looked ...spotless. Though, the
Iovely nanao: rouge was still a bit outstanding. He appeared to be blushing like a little girl. Orihime had left him, propped against her couch( did she have one of those?) to gaze outside her window in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone.
Iovely nanao: Alas, her efforts were fruitless, and she sighed, taking a seat for herself. She'd seen her fair share of raindrops; they all looked the same. Depressing and gloomy. Looking at the lifeless boy, she half-smiled, questioning,
Iovely nanao: "Well, Kurosaki-kun, would you like more tea?" Funny how that face was still scowling, even though it was quite vacant.

kurosaki clinic: -=It seemed like everything was in order, except the misunderstanding of the two of them fighting right then and there...was he supposed to run back inside and go get his real body, or something? Ichigo wasn't as quick to break down
kurosaki clinic: the only thing keeping him from being assaulted by the second most hostile sibling of the three; and also, he had only just realized it was raised when placing his hand against it. Zangetsu, which had presumably freed itself from th
kurosaki clinic: e spiney clutches of Kohana's weapon, raised and wrapped itself with considerable effort on Ichigo's part. The sword really wanted to cut...-= "Good, then. You got any rules?" -=He said over the drum of the rain. Although they both
kurosaki clinic: agreed not to use weapons, Ichigo's boney hand still clutched the handle of his cleaver; despite not moving with it. He didn't have much room to move, either way.-= "Don't want you to have any dumb excuses to why you lost, after all
kurosaki clinic: !"

Jr Grass Cutter: More trouble. So that is what a person gets for trying to stop a fight. Bitched at by his sister now. Yukio sighed as the scene had calmed a bit and at least one of his barriers had been broken.
Jr Grass Cutter: He listened to his sisters yelling and what not before dropping all of the barriers. His brother had given the order for him to go inside along with his sister, though it was not a direct order
Jr Grass Cutter: to him. He had actually called him a name, he called him "Brat" and that was a comforting feeling. Maybe he had actually fogiven him? Yukio at the current time wanted no part of his
Jr Grass Cutter: sisters wrath, but it also worried him that later he would be yelled at for not at least trying to help her in the house. She was still his sister afterall, no matter how much she hated him right now,
Jr Grass Cutter: right? Yukio made his away around Kurosaki and over to his sister whom was still sitting on the ground. A hand wiped the rain that dripped from his face and the hair that was glued
Jr Grass Cutter: over his eyes. He then offered a free hand to help her up. Whether or not she would take his hand was up to her. His eyes would briefly shift to Inshu, probably looking for some kind of
Jr Grass Cutter: approval, before returning his gaze back to his sister. Through it all he remained silent the entire time.

Soifon taichou: Yelling? If she was aware of the madness going through the boy's head, she'd have to have him checked into a local clinic for hearing voices. While she had uttered the boy's name when those barriers had appeared, it had only been on
Soifon taichou: the side. No, her focus hadn't been on the boy at all. Her focus was now, and still was at that point, on the one who found it so easy to brush her off. That order would practically fall on deaf ears. She wanted him to abandon this
Soifon taichou: situation to take care of the prat? After behaving in the manner he head? She hadn't been involved before. Hell, she'd felt bad for the kid. Now? No. If he felt he didn't need them, then he could simply prove it. Long gone
Soifon taichou: were the times of coddling the kid. He would be there, but she'd simply ignore that had as she used her own strength to stand. The corner of her lips twitched, threatening for just a moment before a slight grin appeared. Why in the
Soifon taichou: world would she run? " Since when were scratches ever a problem, Onii-san? " She'd call it out over the shinigami boy's head. Her own weapon would remain abandoned on the ground. He didn't want to play swords and shields? Fine.
Soifon taichou: He wanted to shrug off her own attack? That's okay. Let him get involved and she could show him what real fighting was all about. She knew their power differences, so a frontal assault would never work, anyway. No, it was time to
Soifon taichou: show the both of them what fighting smarter was all about. Crossing her arms, she'd hold her position. With a quick side glance, she'd utter a few words to the boy standing out in the rain. " Shouldn't you seek cover, Kid? "

Havoc Perdition: .:: The times were a changin' . . . for example, Kenpachi didn't used to travel around the world of the living alone. There was something missing; something he needed . . . a small pink GPS system. Without it, he was lost. No, reall
Havoc Perdition: really, lost. He had been dispatched to the world of the living from Soul Society, and in spite of the directions he was given, he had been unable to locate the Shinigami stronghold they had in Karakura Town. As a result, he had sim
Havoc Perdition: simply been wandering around, aimlessly. Massive legs would propell the titan from rooftop to rooftop; a behemoth, invisible save to those with an unusually high amount of spiritual awareness. Finally coming to a stop upon a particu
Havoc Perdition: particular sky-scraper, he released what would have been a sigh for any lesser man -- for him, it was far more like a roar. Looking around the city, he gave a slight smirk as h-- there! He was unable to sense spiritual pressure; he
Havoc Perdition: was unable to feel the presence of others, however . . . what he *was* able to feel was the presence of bloodlust! Violence; mayhem; conflict; it was all happening right now! His single eye was cast in the direction of where the fig
Havoc Perdition: fight was taking place. He could not see through the rain. He could not even explain how he knew, but he did know, he was sure. A slight leap would send his body a disproportionately distance away from the building. Moving through t
Havoc Perdition: the sky, he squinted slightly as he wondered to himself if these people had any idea what kind of monster was about to befall upon them . . . ::

Iivid mischief: "..Rules? You act like this is gonna be a sanctioned fight, buddy. In fact, right now, we're good to go." Pulling off the jacket and tossing it onto the rain soaked streets, he liberated his upper physique from the constricting -
Iivid mischief: garment. Rolling his shoulders, he spared a glance toward Kohana and the brat. "Would'ja please just go inside? I ain't takin' care of you if you get sick, got it? I don't want'cha -
Iivid mischief: gettin' involved in my fights, jeeze." The setting was perfect; most dramatic beatings in movies and television happened on a rainy day, in the middle of the street, with a few select people looking on. It was simply badass -
Iivid mischief: , it was. But, he didn't wanna stick to that one specific stereotype that him, and his asshole opponent, would stand there and study each other like a bunch of retards. He didn't care to study the distance, gauge the length of his -
Iivid mischief: range, or any of that bullshit; he simply charged in. Lowering his upper physique, Inshu brought his arms up over his chest in a peek-a-boo style defensive, the fists covering his mouth and nose. This wasn't a boxing ring, and he -
Iivid mischief: damn sure didn't plan to pull his punches to conserve his energy; he just wanted to relieve some stress and beat the shit out of Kurosaki, and anyone else that thought they might step in the way; unless it was some really hot, -
Iivid mischief: beautiful, fully curved woman. Then he'd stop, giggle like a retard, and suffer from frantic nosebleeds until slapped out of it. Eh, both scenarios were awesome enough, to be honest.

Iovely nanao: No, it wouldn't come to this at all. Atleast, not yet. It would be easier to observe if they intended to create damage. If so, then, yes, she would have to step in. She had been instructed to keep that level at a minimum..but then
Iovely nanao: again, she was also under the impression that her taichou would be ready to make himself useful should she require him. And yet, the snores persisted. Ise would've LOVED to scream in his ear if it wouldn't draw attention to her...
Iovely nanao: perhaps if she timed it correctly with the next boom of thunder..? No, no, her rage would no doubt be heard over even mother nature's. Instead, that hand of hers remained in her sleeve, possibly holding a weapon. Or, maybe she was
Iovely nanao: going to pull a rabbit out. Who knows? She was so spontaneous. Teeth had gently stopped grinding against themselves. No point in wearing down useful enamel. ...What was that? Head slowly turned, eyes most definately widened,
Iovely nanao: toward the direction of the oncoming ball of...hell. As if she really needed to ask herself. Only ONE creature...had reiatsu like that. And, he was on his way. seems you have been replaced!

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Soifon taichou: Was that a flash of Nanao's stamping her foot from her hiding place? No, wait, it was just another tree being lit up by lightning as it blew in the wind. The wind.. She'd have to grasp more tightly against the base of that tree as
Soifon taichou: her own branch began to shift in the wind. Stupid storm. How long were the tempers going to burn, causing them to have to hang around in this blasted rain? It was also concerning that her gigai was left behind to cause damage to
Soifon taichou: their hiding point. She had such an issue with shiny objects... The situation was still growing, obviously, as the eldest human boy now began his attack. The two shinigami present would gain a chance to see the Representative Ryoka
Soifon taichou: wiggle out of a tight spot. She'd never actually seen two humans engage in such a barbaric ritual before, anyway. She'd normally be frustrated by the mess of one's body such actions would create, but hey, she wasn't likely going to
Soifon taichou: be called to heal the boy with that other girl around. Why not find amusement? Then again, that thought would only last a few seconds. The sudden burst of spiritual pressure, no doubt leaking from yet another individual unable to
Soifon taichou: properly control it, would nearly knock her off that branch. Really, she did as much as she possibly could to avoid this shinigami. She couldn't even think of a single person in Seireitei that wasn't able to recognize that
Soifon taichou: reiatsu. The hell was he doing here, anyway?! He was so close.... You're kidding me. He couldn't be.. Using her free hand to press against that device in her ear, thus opening her own communication channel, she'd whisper,
Soifon taichou: hoping her concerns would be conveyed by an unsteady tone with one word. " Ise-fukutaichou? " She had to have an answer for this.

Iovely nanao: ....Fricking tea-party time with Inoue. Yes, she was making a second batch. This time around, raspberry. Oh yey. Maybe she'd have some prepared for when they got back. Oh, and she also stared fearfully skyward at where the crazed
Iovely nanao: shinigami was homing in on the battle. Dat-daaah.

kurosaki clinic: -=It was strange. Although Ichigo fought with a sword almost constantly, now he was in a fist-fight with some punk in his shinigami attire. It wasn't at all unfamiliar, though, nor as hopeless as the rest of them seemed to think so.
kurosaki clinic: Before he even became a shinigami, Ichigo had taken martial arts since he was a child -- and was even considered better than Tatsuki; an officially ranked martial artist, second in Japan's highschool division. He, by far, wasn't in
kurosaki clinic: unfamiliar territory, and was furthermore STILL a shinigami at the moment; endowing him with all of the extra stamina, strength and speed of one. It wasn't what he intentioned, but it was far too late to stop Inshu's charge. It was
kurosaki clinic: safe to say he couldn't feel Zaraki's presence -- and wouldn't until he was right ontop of them or in his face, and so he responded accordingly to the charge. He stayed to the right, both hands high until they were close to crashing
kurosaki clinic: into one another, but far enough so that the left hook he raised was centered with his face, and for the most part, he was out of the immediate range of Inshu's opposite hand unless he turned to meet him. Just how far he'd get unti
kurosaki clinic: l interrupted was yet to be determined.-=

Jr Grass Cutter: More orders and a stubborn girl. Yukio casted his glace back to his brother as he ordered them both to leave the scene and get back into the house. Well Yukio didn't have a problem with this
Jr Grass Cutter: it was getting Kohana to follow suit as well. She teneded to get like this when someone completely embarassed the shit out of her like that. I mean come on, she was thrown around like a little
Jr Grass Cutter: chew toy by Kurosaki. A presence would strike him and it sent a cold shiver down his spine. Not to mention Yukio was already beginning to turn pale from being so cold. He had run outside
Jr Grass Cutter: in only a t-shirt and shorts. He didn't even have shoes on right now! It made it worse that it was a down poor and windy as anything. Not to mention it was night time and it was cold
Jr Grass Cutter: day to begin with. Yukio's teeth had already begun to chatter as he still left theh and out for Kohana. Inshu was right, if they stayed out here like this they would both get sick. Besides Kohana
Jr Grass Cutter: surely knew that Inshu would be mad if she didn't listen. "Come on Kohana..!" He pleaded with her to come as he stared down at the stubborn girl. At this rate she would have to be dragged
Jr Grass Cutter: back into the house. He would glance up to Inshu once again as he began his charge in. Hey what would happen if he got sick and couldn't box?

Soifon taichou: Judging by the scenery, Inshu had to be very happy that everything was following this particular path. How could he not entertain the challenge? A beat down in the middle of a stormy street. This was the type of thing his weirdo
Soifon taichou: dreams were made of. " I think I'm all right out here. " Sure, it was cold. She was already soaked through that thick hoodie shirt she'd stolen out of Inshu's room. Then again, when your adrenaline was running that high, how
Soifon taichou: could you feel it? Stubborn. That's definitely a good way to describe her. Stubborn when she'd set her mind to make her own point, even if it went against the moral hang-ups that her brother carried. He always had seemed the
Soifon taichou: type to work harder when a little intelligence in the matter could create less trauma to the body and less time wasted. " It should be quite interesting.. " She could see that Inshu had already started his attack, using what she'd
Soifon taichou: deduced was his favorite fighting style, but her eyes would still focus on the back of that strawberry-blonde's head. She knew her target. Nothing was going to stand in the way of that. The time for playing the dutiful big sister
Soifon taichou: and caring for the ungrateful was over. It was time to get back to the fun she used to have. On her right hand, that ring would begin to glow just slightly. She was already tapping into it, establishing the base for her own ideas.
Soifon taichou: It would barely register as a spike in her own reiatsu, just a small connection to the forces around them. Hell, she was just lucky that this Inoue girl had as much shrubbery in her neighborhood as she did. Fighting in the midst of
Soifon taichou: the cement garden was never her favorite thing to do. That voice would register, causing her to roll her eyes. Breaking her focus for just a moment, though her eyes remained locked, she'd give a final chiding. " It's impolite to
Soifon taichou: refer to a stranger by first name, especially without the use of honorisms. " Hell, it was inappropriate for the boy to dare refer to her by her first name, even as his sister, period.

Iivid mischief: '..I knew something was off! Whoops.' Brushing the thought off, raising his reiatsu to the point where the shinigami-human difference wouldn't matter. Amber oculi watched Kurosaki's movements, studying solely the chest and legs. -
Iivid mischief: The movement of his left arm was immediately picked up and noticed, and by the positioning of the elbow, he could immediately tell the kind of punch that was coming. Concluding his dash and lowering his physique in a flash, he -
Iivid mischief: concluded that step of the offense and flawlessly transitioned to the step-in. Right appendage lifted, covering the entirity of the right side of his head, while his legs planted themselves into the ground, transferring his -
Iivid mischief: forward momentum into his abdomen, and pivoting on his heels. The result was a thunderous left smash, which was moreso than a regular uppercut. Thrown at an irregular angle, the smash was perfect for breaking guards, and surprising-
Iivid mischief: the enemy. The possibility of a feint, or a counter-attack, was significantly cut down due to said awkward positioning and angle, but made the punch no less dangerous. Something did feel off, though, but he couldn't quite -
Iivid mischief: figure out what it was. As confident as he was in his own ability, he couldn't help but feel that outside interference was going to shove a foot up his ass with a right twist. Damn, his brain needed to shut the fuck up.

- Bitchninja-taichou
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