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 Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi

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PostSubject: Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi   Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 5:00 pm

Out Of Character

Name ; Gus

Age ; 17

Screen Name ; havocperdition // infamouscalm

Time Zone ; Central

Role-playing experience ; Nine years

Average amount of time online per day ; A lot.

Have you ever RPed Bleach before? ; Several times, many of which were with this group. Er, don't hold that history against me. I'm really trying to change the way I used to be, I was flakey. For that, I truly do apologize.

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? ; Yes, Jigoku Shourai -- it was a small little group that I'm pretty sure is about to die.

What is Hanataro's Bankai? ; He doesn't have one, but he does have a rather interesting shikai.

Are you applying for a C.C. or O.C.? ; Canon Character

What is your character? ; Shinigami

In Character

Surname ; Zaraki

First Name ; Kenpachi

Age ; Unknown

Height ; 202 cm (6'7")

Weight ; Unknown -- Likely 270 - 300 lbs

Division ; 11th

Personality ;
Bloodthirsty and wild, Kenpachi lives for the one aspect of life that may bring him death: battle. Seeking the thrill of combat at every chance he gets, Kenpachi disregards the feelings of others and his responsibilities as a Captain if it means he has the chance to engage himself in a truly good match. In spite of these selfish tendencies, he has a strong bond with those in his own division, particularly Kusajishi Yachiru, Madarame Ikkaku, and Ayasegawa Yumichika. In addition to those aforementioned persons, Kenpachi holds Kurosaki Ichigo in high esteem. Bored and unhappy whenever a period of peace comes to last too long, Kenpachi purposely weakens himself in an effort to allow significantly weaker opponents to give him a challenge. This level of arrogance would normally kill a lesser man, but Kenpachi believes in his might to such a degree he even allows those he deems worthy to live if they have lost against him in battle, under the pretense that they may eventually get stronger and someday give him the challenge he so desperately seeks.

Though deceptively simple, Kenpachi is by no means a fool -- though the jury is still out on whether or not he is sane. A brilliant tactician -- an ironic skill, given his general method of head-first attack in battle -- Kenpachi is particularly adept at locating the weaknesses of opponents in the heat of battle and exploiting them to his favor. Furthermore, he seems to live by his own code of ethics, a moral belief structure that seemingly contradicts the laws of the Gotei 13; though usually ends up guiding him down the right path. Lastly, Kenpachi has deplorable timing: despite his love of battle, he usually arrives only after the fight has already started.

Physical Appearance ;
Kenpachi's appearance is very fitting for what some consider him to truly be: a crazy person. With an eye-patch over his right eye and his hair fashioned into an array of spikes, Kenpachi truly does appear to be a warrior. In an addition to his massive appearance and sadistic grin, Kenpachi possesses a signature scar running vertically down the left side of his face, a remnant of a battle fought long ago. Whereas most Captain's wear a luxurious white haori over their Shinigami uniform, Kenpachi's cloak is sleeveless and torn, with the edges frayed and ragged; appropriate, as this haori was taken from Kenpachi's predecessor, now a dead man. While his appearance does seem to be merely outrageous, one would never guess that it has been strategically constructed to improve upon Kenpachi's love of battle.

The eye-patch worn over his eye -- naturally hindering his eyesight -- is actually a device constructed upon his request by the twelfth division to eat away at his spiritual energy; preventing him from releasing his true power in the midst of battle, so as to hinder his strength against otherwise weak opponents. His eccentrically fashioned hair is done so that bells can be fixated upon the tips of the spokes, preventing him from moving in silence against his opponents, as well as giving every single opponent the ability to read his movements based upon the sound of his bells. Though Captain-level with these types of restraints, upon removing his eye-patch Kenpachi's powers exponentially increase, allowing him to fight at a level all his own.

History ;
Very little is known about Zaraki Kenpachi before arriving in Soul Society with the intent of becoming Captain. Born, as his surname might suggest, in the most ruthless district of Seireitei, Kenpachi began his life without a name. However, without a name a new attribute came to take its place: a love of battle. A natural warrior the likes of which only arrive once in a generation, Kenpachi made this hell his home, thriving in its conditions of havoc and bloodshed; indulging in all of the opportunities that could be had from combat. At some point during his travels, Kenpachi came upon a small orphan girl named Kusajishi Yachiru -- a girl that would later become his lieutenant upon his voyage into the Gotei 13. Respecting this girl for her lack of fear, Kenpachi's life as a lone rogue ended the day he met her, as did his time without a name; ever since that day, he has taken the title of Kenpachi (a title given to only the most powerful of warriors) as his name.

After having met Yachiru, Kenpachi ran into two other people that would ultimately become his allies: Ayasegawa Yumichika and Madarame Ikkaku. Engaging the latter of the two in battle, Kenpachi easily bested his foe. Witnessing potential in this young man, despite Ikkaku's requests for an honorable death at the hands of an opponent truly better than him, Kenpachi allowed him to live so that one day Ikkaku's power may grow and he may once again challenge him. At some point after this Kenpachi and Yachiru found their way to the Gotei 13, where after killing the previous 11th Division Captain, Zaraki Kenpachi assumed the role of Captain of the 11th Squad with such controversy regarding his methods that they would still be held against him for some time. Because of his amazing display of power, both Ikkaku and Yumichika joined the 11th division under their new Captain.

Zanpakuto ;
Like its owner, Kenpachi's zanpakuto has no known name, even to its user. Despite the fact that Kenpachi does not know the name of his zanpakuto, the sheer volume of his spiritual pressure has forced his blade into what would appear to be its custom sealed state. Significantly longer than a normal zanpakuto, it appears to be a rusted and dull blade with a guard that "extends inward from its center," (wikipedia, I wasn't sure how to properly describe it). Though the sword itself possesses no special properties, Kenpachi's raw power is so great he has achieved the rank of Captain without the need of a proper zanpakuto. Despite his initial negligence, Kenpachi wishes to learn more of his zanpakuto, as he himself can sympathize with the hardships of not having a name.

Character Image ;

Sample Post ;
:: A clash! -- the sound of flesh hitting steel filled the area, before slowly dissipating. Assuming the boy turned to see his savior, Kurosaki Ichigo would see a titan standing over him. The gigantic fist of the beast that was sure to extinguish the substitute-shinigami's life had been stopped by another beast, another monster, one possessing far more power and terror than the other giant could ever hope to muster; the intruder was not a monster at all, he was a demon, he was Zaraki Kenpachi -- Captain of the 11th Division. Standing between the boy and certain death, a hand the size of the monster himself sent a cascade of shadow covering his physique, making the details of his persona difficult to discern in such darkness. Standing up just enough to allow light to flood the area, the boy could readily identify his savior now; the boy could readily identify the situation. The gargantuan hand had been halted by the Captain's blade, a sword nearly equal in size to its wielder was held by one hand in a cavalier manner befitting the arrogant Soul Reaper: a lesser man would have been crushed, but this was no man.

Even before light enabled Ichigo to realize his savior, the hellish grin of the new monster possessed such potency it was visible even in the dark. As the boy's eyes adjusted, he would be able to see the features he had previously mistaken as horns was merely the sociopath's hair, defying every law physics and logic had to offer. The massive physique of him could readily belong to a hero, but as the haori stolen from an opponent long-since slain could attest, this was no hero. He was not here to save the innocent, he was here for blood; the innocent were just a bonus. Even now, as the boar's hand was pushed forward, bearing the weight of the entire ogre behind it, Kenpachi's physique did not falter, it did not shake; in fact, it did not even seem attentive to the situation at hand. His free hand was at his side as his uniform flowed in the wind in an effort to keep up with its wearer's speed, his legs did not seem to care that they were now holding over ten times their usual weight, nor did he. Even as he roared his laconic phrase to the boy beneath him, it was not strain that gave his voice an edge as sharp as any blade, it was only lust, lust of the blood that was soon to be spilt. ::

" What the hell do you think you're doing, dying over here . . ? "

Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi Kenpachi
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Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi   Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 5:17 pm

I have to say that I've never seen Zaraki's application so complete and well-done. ^^ Definitely approved, so long as none of the other moderators object.

I fixed the small error with terms. CC is Canon Character and OC is Original Character. I know it's a little backwards from some other places. x_x;

- Bitchninja-taichou
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Application ; Zaraki Kenpachi
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